How to Write Interesting and Informative Qualified Articles


How to Write Interesting and Informative Qualified Articles, Writing is a fun activity in the world of blogging. In addition to adding insight and knowledge for the author, writing articles can also make the bloggers make money from blogs. Good money just to eat and drink, buy hosting and domains, even money that can be used for and pilgrimage.

Rarely Update Articles This Bad Effect For Your Blog

For experienced writers, it probably will not encounter many obstacles when going to write quality articles that are interesting and informative. But for some of those new to the field of writing, maybe a bit of a constraint when making their first writing.

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Experiencing obstacles when going to write a new prime article is common to most authors. These constraints can be caused by many factors. But all of these obstacles can be solved immediately when the author finally knows all the right ways or guidelines in writing an article.

There are two possibilities why you are currently reading this article.

  • First, maybe you want to increase knowledge and improve the ability to write articles.
  • The second possibility, you’ve never tried this fun activity before. And now maybe you are really interested to know how to write good and true articles.

Every good article, definitely qualified and able to attract many people to get all useful information contained in the article. The structure of good and correct articles consists of article titles, opening paragraphs of articles, discussion of article topics and ending with conclusions.

How to Write a Good and True Article Title

When you want to write articles for a blog, then determine and write the title of the article to be the first thing to note. We recommend that you write the title of the article briefly, clearly and densely without many words. Also, make sure the title contains SPOK elements and try to avoid exclamation points.

In order for the blog article title to be indexed properly by the search engine, it is highly recommended to include keyword articles on the title that will be created.
The title of a good blog article is also usually “unique”. Unique in question is not the same as the title of the article on another blog.

The main advantage that can be obtained from writing a good article title correctly is, your article can get the best ranking on the search page and get more clicks to read by many people.

How To Make Easy Article Writing Paragraph Opener

In an article, the opening paragraph has a very important role. Starting from the role of making the reader continue to continue all the writing articles that you have created. Sometimes even a few sentences in the opening paragraph serve as the title tag of the article, which will be used by search robots, for subsequent display to the search index page.

To be able to write an article entry paragraph easily. The first way to do is to know who the potential readers of the article you will make. Furthermore, know also the age range, profession, and gender readers. This will help you to write the opening sentences of the article easily, with styles and languages that really represent the characters of your article readers.

In addition to ensuring the style and language that match the character of the reader. Do not forget to steal their eyes by presenting an interesting sentence containing the important things that really want to know by the reader.

Article Writing Guide With Structured Discussion

Section discussion of articles usually consists of several topics related to the main theme of the article. In order for the discussion of articles to be more qualified, you should write more than one topic of discussion. The goal is you can include a lot of important information that may be needed by the reader.

In addition, articles with detailed discussion and detail usually contain characters or a number of words that are more diverse and rich. So this is very useful to bring up a better article for on search engines.

We recommend that in writing the discussion of an article also does not need long-winded. Try the discussion in the writing you want to make can provide solutions to the problems faced by the reader. Or answer questions that may appear in the minds of readers.

So that the discussion of the article more comfortable read and can be understood easily by the reader. Should present the discussion in the article neatly and structure, by using bullet point in the form of numbers or a dot.

How to Write an Articles Conclusion

The conclusion is the most important part that is placed at the end of an article. You should not have to write an article conclusion that is too long. The way it can be done is to create one or two paragraphs that contain the sentence summary of the contents of the article as a whole.

In writing blog articles, you are not prohibited to add a sentence that can make the reader willing to perform one action after reading the article. Like a sentence in the form of an invitation to readers want to share articles that you have created. Or write a sentence that allows readers interested to comment on articles you have written.

Up here, I hope now that you know all the ways you can in order to write an exciting and informative new prime article for potential loyal readers of your blog.

Finally, in addition to writing articles with short, clear and concise titles, detailed structured discussions, and conclusions that impress the reader. You can also make blog posts more qualified by completing articles with best quality photos or images or audio and video visuals.

Writing content or blog articles is a fun activity, especially for bloggers. After learning how to write articles through this post, you may agree with me that writing is not as difficult as assembling a spaceship.

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The Final Word:

Just know the guide and apply some of the above. Then you can write a title, discuss each topic of an article and make a conclusion in just a matter of hours or even minutes.

It’s important to remember all of us, doing the editing process is another part of how to write good and true articles that can not be separated.

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