How to Overcome Windows Laptop Blue Screen Based on the Cause


How to Overcome Windows Laptop Blue Screen Based on the Cause, BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) or simply called a blue screen is a blue error message that is displayed by windows if the laptop experiences certain damage both in terms of software and hardware. For laptop users with a Windows operating system, of course, it’s no stranger to the term blue screen, right? the blue screen itself can be regarded as one of the problems most often experienced by users of Windows laptops.

How to Overcome Windows Laptop Blue Screen Based on the Cause

If you are one of the ‘victims’ of the blue screen, there is no need to worry, because in this article you will get a solution. However, before we enter the discussion on how to tackle the blue screen, it is better to first study what causes the blue screen on the laptop along with the error message that appears.


As far as I know, there are at least 7 causes of the blue screen on Windows laptops, and the bad news is that this blue screen is more often experienced by users of OS Windows XP, but does not rule out this problem for Windows 7 or 8 users. among others are :

  • PEN_LIST_CORRUPTIf you get a blue screen error message that says PEN_LIST_CORRUPT, that means there is damage to your laptop’s RAM.Solution: Buy new RAM, other alternatives please try How to Fix Ram.
  • DATA_BUS_ERRORA motherboard failure has occurred, besides this error message can also appear due to a hard disk failure, so please check your hardware.Solution: Buy a new motherboard / hard drive.
  • UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAPBlue screen with an error message above indicates that there is serious damage to the processor, one of the reasons is due to overheating.Solution: Change hardware if there is damage or try to leave the laptop a few days.
  • IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALThe error message above often appears for new laptop users because it incorrectly installed the driver when reinstalling, in other words, there is a driver and operating system incompatibility.Solution: Use the driver from the official site provided by your laptop manufacturer.
  • INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICEOne of the blue screen error messages that is most often experienced by Windows users is INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE which is caused by an error configuration of the hard drive jumper but can also be caused by a boot virus.Solution: Replace hardware or reinstall.

If you can be honest, there are actually still many causes of blue screens, one example is because the temperature is too hot and causes the components in the laptop to not work properly, how to overcome the blue screen with the problem, of course, by resting the laptop/computer.


There is one of the most practical ways that you can try to solve the problem of the blue screen is to do recovery on the operating system. The function of this recovery is to restore/restore windows to the normal state (before a blue screen error occurs). Please follow the steps below to overcome the blue screen by way of recovery windows.

  1. Enter Safe Mode
    How to Overcome Blue Screen 1

    For Windows XP / Windows 7 users the way is to press the F8 key repeatedly when booting. While for Windows 8 users, you can enter the system configuration (press win + r> type msconfig> check safe boot> restart).

  2. Enter Control Panel
    How to Overcome Blue Screen 2

    In safe mode, please open Control Panel> System & Security> Action Center> Recovery> Open System Restore.

  3. Click Next to Finish
    How to Overcome Blue Screen 3

    After clicking Open System Restore, then please click next, next and next, then wait until the recovery process has finished returning your laptop to its original state before the blue screen occurs.

It’s just finished how to deal with the blue screen, but if it still doesn’t work free from the blue screen, my advice is that you please note the error message that appears when a blue screen occurs, then look for information about the error message on a credible site.


The saying says ‘preventing is better than overcoming’, on that basis besides providing information on how to overcome the blue screen, here I also want to share tips on how to prevent a blue screen on a laptop.

  • Avoid Overclocking Thethe culprit in the occurrence of the blue screen that occurs most often is due to excessive overclocking, this obviously has a bad impact on the laptop components, because it makes the hardware work more extra than usual, resulting in a drastic increase in the temperature of the laptop.
  • Install AntivirusIn addition to overclocking, the most common cause of blue screens is due to infections from viruses. The virus that is meant here is a boot sector virus that attacks the root on a computer. One way to overcome this type of virus is to install an antivirus.
  • Install the correctdriver Installing the wrong driver is also one of the causes of the blue screen, for that before downloading and installing the driver make sure the driver is suitable/correct.

Replacing old components (hardware) is also one of the best ways to prevent a blue screen from happening on a computer/laptop windows, because as I said above, one of the causes of the bluescreen is due to a defect in hardware.

A complete discussion about the Blue Screen in our article this time, from how to deal with the blues screen, the cause of the blue screen until I prevent the bluescreen from informing me, and that mean my assignment is complete. Thank you.


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