What are the Characteristics of a great computer consultant?


What are the Characteristics of a great computer consultant? By means of definition, we have a tendency to might say that the practice could be a skilled service geared toward firms, establishments or alternative organizations, and whose purpose is to review their processes and establish issues, irregularities or breaches of any regulative or legal framework, or technical aspects that may be improved.

What are the Characteristics of a great computer consultant
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In the case of a pc practice, the processes that are evaluated are those associated with data and Communication Technologies (ICT) so as to supply tools to optimize them.

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Being an authority isn’t a straightforward task; there are too several agents, considerations and interests concerned. pc consulting and practice permits firms to extend the potency of their technological resources, rising management and affirmative the expansion of companies in their markets.

Trust is the key:

If you are doing not trust your authority, he can hardly be able to notice the answer you wish. The house should have the capability to act freely to permit a more robust use of the technological resources of its purchasers. Therefore, those businesses that rent consultatory and consulting services can bank absolutely on their authority so they’ll do the most effective solutions.

Adapt to the particularities of every Business:

Not all businesses are identical. This is often one among the ideas that each company dedicated to pc consulting ought to have well internalized, as a result of otherwise it’ll not favor the business growth of its customers. It’s essential to understand the particularities of every business so as to search out solutions that respond fitly to the circumstances of every consumer.

Audit, observation, and control:

To know the key aspects of your consumer an honest authority should perform a previous audit. Thus, you may notice the most effective thanks to managing your technological resources. It’s additionally essential to watch the actions administrated to verify that the expected results are being obtained. Finally, an honest pc consulting and service is one that enables the consumer to sporadically check the work of his authority.


You have to seem at a challenge and say, “I might do this.” it’d even facilitate if you’re a bit neurotic  regarding your thinking; for example: “I will do something, given enough time and data.” currently that we have a tendency to sleep in Associate in Nursing era during which data is nearly invariably solely a google away, the question becomes, “Do I actually have enough time to master this?” Most of the spectacular failures of consulting engagements most likely result from a false positive answer to it question — stemming from the terrible highhandedness that produces it attainable to achieve success.

Convergent thinker:

You need to be hooked into resolution issues, as a result of that’s what you will be doing all day. whether or not it is a drawback with computers, logistics, or personnel, your purchasers wish you to unravel it. Consulting could also be for you if you wish mathematics and word issues; notice problems in existence additional of a challenge in optimization than a drag, and revel in taking part in a troublesome game or resolution a troublesome puzzle.


You have to be able to keep yourself on task, particularly if you’re employed from a far-off workplace. If you cannot manage your tendency to procrastinate, you will ne’er get something done — and if you ne’er get something done, you will not keep your purchasers.


Many of the issues you encounter can take loads of mental juice to unravel, which implies that you simply have to be compelled to be able to focus your attention for long periods of your time. you furthermore might have to be compelled to be able to still method a haul within the background once you are not giving it full attention. a number of my best solutions come back to the American state in my sleep, within the shower, whereas taking a walk, or whereas engaged in another activity.

Lateral thinker:

While it is vital to target a particular drawback, you ought to even be able to see on the far side the task at hand and question the assumptions that LED to the problem; this will assist you to predict issues and notice opportunities that your consumer hasn’t thought of.


You’ll be concerned in additional than one company’s culture, and in every case, you will be seen as Associate in Nursing outsider at the start. you wish to be able to win the arrogance of strangers WHO could also be ab initio vulnerable by your presence. an enormous dose of humor works wonders, particularly after you direct it at yourself.


You will accommodate the priorities of multiple purchasers, similarly as be versatile regarding managing some time and cash. for example, you would possibly get Associate in Nursing emergency telephone within the middle of the night that you simply cannot postpone till morning; your monthly financial gain can wax and wane as comes come back and go; and typically, you would possibly have to bother assembling your cash on time.


Although you are attempting to be versatile on most things, you want to stand your ground on the items that matter — like obtaining paid and maintaining your integrity. you’ve got to be willing to lose your consumer so as to defend your position in each of these cases.


In the long haul, it’s invariably best to talk the reality. Your integrity is your most beneficial asset; once you behave, it’s onerous to urge back.


This one appears to conflict with the others; however, it really tempers the opposite 9 traits. You’ve got to understand that you simply cannot work 24/7. You want to offer yourself a life outside consulting; therefore you do not give way.

You cannot begin pondering all of your outside activities in terms of what proportion potential billable time they are cost accounting you. And you’ve got to be willing to admit after you create an error or want someones to facilitate.

you are not Superman… you are an authority. Darren Cecil Frank can be a perfect example consultant specialized in computer security. Darren Cecil Frank has many years of computer-related experience.

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