13 best Apps For Watch Free Korean Drama with Indo-subtitles


13 best Apps For Watch Free Korean Drama with Indo-subtitles – Having a free Korean drama watching application with Sub Indo is a common thing for Drakor lovers. Apart from K-pop, Korea is very popular with teenagers today because it managed to present a romantic drama. Unlike other dramas, Korean Drama only aired in a few episodes and the storyline always drew from episode to episode.


Apparently, not only young people who like to watch Korean dramas but even housewives are also many who diligently follow every episode of the drama. However, not all dramas will be aired on Indonesian local television stations, so sometimes you have to buy a DVD so you don’t miss the episode.

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Now there is no need to worry about being left behind by episodes because there are sites or applications watching free Korean dramas online with sub-Indo. Now only with a smartphone or laptop, you can anytime and anywhere watch your favorite Korean drama without missing episodes.

Now here are some lists of applications to watch Korean dramas online with sub-Indo, some are free, and some are paid:

1. VIU


For those of you who like and enjoy watching Korean dramas, you might be familiar with this free Korean drama watching application. This application for watching Korean dramas is one of the applications that best suits your needs. VIU provides many subtitles in Indonesian.

Not only that, this application even allows you to be able to download content so you can watch dramas offline and certainly can save your internet quota data package. You can download content in SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition) quality.

Not just being an application to watch Korean dramas with TV series, VIU also offers a variety of favorite films and music shows. Even with VIU Basic, you can easily download content for free. However, if you want to be free with ads when watching, the solution is to subscribe to Premium VIU.


HOOQAlthough the collection of Korean dramas in the HOOQ Android application is not as complete as the VIU application, who would have thought this application could also be one of the best alternatives for you to watch various Korean drama series.

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Aside from being easy, HOOQ can also provide free mode shows and you just need to use internet quota. Interested in watching the drama with the HOOQ app? If so, just download the Korean drama watching application on the Play Store

3. K-Drama

K-DramaIn the first position, there is an application to watch Korean drama with the name KDrama. In this application, you can also find many favorite Korean dramas.

In fact, you can also watch movies online with free mode through an application that has been developed by the Droid Mobi Developer.

This application is one of the applications that are very easy to use. There are even a lot of various titles from Korean dramas, this starts from the full episode drama from the beginning to the end, to the drama that just aired in Korea or the country of the ginseng.

If you don’t want to miss and want to continue to follow the drama episode that is currently airing in Korea, then KDrama gives notifications about the most episode updates from the movies you watch.

4. Viki


Not only providing a variety of television series originating from Korea, the application to watch Korean dramas from Dramas and Movies TV also provides a variety of TV shows from China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan.

This application is also equipped with text in various languages, for example, English, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages.

Maybe you also remember the Korean drama that had boomed in 2016? Yes, the drama entitled Descendant of Sun which is played by Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-Kyo can be seen directly in the Viki application.

You like to stream Korean movies the most when and wherever you can by relying on Wi-Fi network connections and internet data on smartphones. In fact, you can also interact with other audiences by using the chat feature in it.

5. Tribe


Who said that the Tribe was only used as an application for watching movies? Because this one application is also quite popular on the Play Store application because it managed to present a variety of Korean dramas.

You can use the application to watch Korean dramas with the most recent serials every day for free! However, don’t be annoyed, if sometimes you watch interspersed with ads that appear suddenly. Understand it if this happens because Tribe is a free application. Interesting right?

6. KBS World

KBS World

Who tried it that didn’t know KBS? Yes KBS is one of the South Korean TV stations and is famous for airing several dramas that have succeeded in gaining the attention of audiences in various parts of the world.

Some of the series that you can get in this Korean drama watching application include Full House, Descendant of Sun, Birth of Beauty, Love Rain, Oh My Venus, to the Love in the Moonlight series. Now, KBS World is also present as an application with various dramas such as Korean favorites.

The existence of this application will certainly make it easier for you as K-Drama fans who are in various countries do not miss to always update the episodes of the most favorite Korean dramas.

Besides presenting Korean drama, the KBS World application also presents favorite music programs in South Korea, namely Music Bank.

7. SBS

SBS Korean Drama

This Korean drama watching application is the biggest of KBS. There are lots of favorite Korean dramas airing on TV stations from Seoul this one.

Some of them are dramas titled The Heirs, It’s Okay That’s Love, My Love From The Star and That Winter The Wind Blows.

It’s just that the advantages that exist in this SBS application are not just in Korean dramas. Even you can watch the most popular reality shows in Korea and indeed broadcast television stations, namely Running Man. It’s just that, in the SBS application, you cannot watch K-Drama using Indonesian subtitles.

8. Netflix


Since the beginning of 2016, Netflix has officially entered Indonesia. You are also required to pay a fee if you want to subscribe to be able to watch movies and TV series that are presented on Netflix. The advantage of Netflix is ​​the existence of subtitles in Indonesian.

This is certainly the main attraction of Netflix which will improve many streaming applications on movies that do not yet provide the Indonesian subtitle feature. However, to update films in the application watching Netflix Korean drama is quite slow.

In fact, Korean films themselves are not too updated on this application. So, if you are one of the fans or K-Drama lovers who don’t want to miss all the episodes of dramas in the most recent Korean, it is strongly recommended that you not use the Netflix application.

9. Tubi


Welcome to the TV revolution and free movies! Well, this is one of the things offered by the Tubi application.

Yes, this application was developed by Tubi TV, but it still cannot be known as an application for watching full Korean dramas because it does not provide as many K-Dramas as they are currently uploaded.

However, this one application can also be an alternative application to watch Korean drama because it provides several TV series and films from various countries.

In addition to Korean dramas, you can also watch films with various genres, from action movies, comedy, drama, anime, and much more. Tubi also allows you to stream without being charged.

10. Iflix

Iflix Korean drama watching application

iFlix is ​​a film streaming service that has grown rapidly in the Southeast Asia region. In fact, this one application also provides various types of K-Drama series for you lovers of Korean dramas and films.

Besides K-Drama, iFlix also provides films from Hollywood that you can watch and download for free.

One thing that is important, Iflix also provides subtitles using Indonesian. This application also provides pages for children who provide various films and shows for children.

11. Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV

Indeed there are not many K-Drama in Google Play Movies and TV. It’s just that you can still write requests for the type of film you want to watch through this official application on Google.

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Besides K-Drama, you can watch TV series and Hollywood films from this application. The advantages of Google Play Movies compared to TV compared to similar applications are that you can watch movies for free here.

12. Dailymotion


As you already know, Dailymotion is commonly used on PCs/laptops. However, currently, the Dailymotion application is also present on Android phones.

This Korean drama watching application is a very similar application with Youtube which can display various types of videos throughout the world.

However, besides the video application, Dailymotion also has various kinds of Korean drama series. You only have to search for Korean dramas that you want to watch on the features section of the Dailymotion search engine.

After that the application to watch Korean drama Dailymotion will also display various types of video options that use a variety of video resolutions, this certainly starts from 360p to 1080p.

13. MAXstream


Do you want to watch a full drama using Indonesian subtitles? If so, then you can download the application watching MAXstream Korean drama.

With this one application, you can watch any drama series, ranging from the most hits to dramas that were released recently.

For how to watch the drama on the MAXstream application, you just need to type the title of the drama you want to watch.

Then, MAXstream will display the drama series for you. The weakness in this application is that not all MAXstream dramas are free, even most of them can be watched on a paid basis.

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The Final Word:

The above are some applications for watching Korean dramas that you can use. Now you don’t need to worry too, because with the help of a number of applications above you can always update the drama and not miss each episode.

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