How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profiles on Android


How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profiles on Android – Find out who usually visits your Facebook profile with two simple tricks.

How to View People Who See Facebook Profiles on Android

Our curious mind always wants to visit my FB profile. You should know that there is no specific way to find out who is visiting your Facebook profile, but, yes, there are simple, fast and effective tricks that show you the people who access your profile page the most and, therefore, they are more often seeing you.

Are you interested in knowing? Well, keep reading this article from MSNTECHBLOG where we tell you how to find out who visited your Facebook profile with a very special little trick.

You must have: 

1. Computers with Internet access
2. Facebook account

Instructions: There are two different methods for knowing who is visiting your Facebook profile: one is a browser developer tool and the other is a browser extension.

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Method:1 With a Browser Developer Tool

We begin by explaining the best tricks to find out who often visits your Facebook profile

This is a very simple process and does not require additional facilities because it is done directly from the front page of your Facebook account, where you get news and news about your friends.

Step 1: On this social network page you have to press the F12 key or right-click and select “Check”. Then, the screen will open to the right with a series of numbers and codes, this is the source code of the page.

With a Browser Developer ToolStep 2: When you are on this screen you have to press the CTRL and F keys simultaneously and, in this way, you will open a small box or tab to search. In this box, you will enter the word “friend list”, without quotes, and you will see new results at the top of this screen.

With a Browser Developer Tool

Step 3: The result that appears after the word “friend list” is a numeric code in red. This is finished in “-2”, but to find out who visited your Facebook profile, you only need a number before this last section.

These numbers are the professional code of the social network of the people who most entered your profile and with whom you recently talked on Facebook Messenger.

Step 4: To find out who it is, you only need to copy the previous numbers to “-2” and paste them into your browser bar after the Facebook page domain. For example
See Who Viewed Your Facebook ProfilesSee Who Viewed Your Facebook ProfilesThis way you will immediately access the profiles of these social networks that have visited or talked to you lately.

You can repeat the process to uncover all the code and see everyone entering your Facebook page.

Method:2 With the Flat Extension Browser (Update: Not available now)

Installation: Another very good choice to find out who is visiting your Facebook profile is to install Facebook Flat, which you can download on this link.

This extension will allow you to see who entered your profile, but you should know that it only works for Google Chrome, so you have to install it in this browser and access your account through it.

Who Is Visiting: After Facebook Flat is installed, just open the left column and click the Visitor Profile option, where a list of people who have accessed your profile will be displayed. Fast and easy!
See Who Viewed Your Facebook ProfilesRemember that Facebook keeps on updating constantly, so there is a possibility that at some point it will disable some applications and can no longer be used.

However, it is likely that other applications will continue to serve the same function and also serve you.

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Also, it is very important that you keep in mind that there are many fake applications and extensions, some may contain viruses and others only search for users to buy.

So, don’t rely on any application and especially if you have to pay for it. So, if before you find out about these tricks that you have downloaded or installed some, it is better to delete them as soon as possible because they will not serve you anything.

Method 3: How to view and find out who visits your Facebook profile

Easy to do, Just follow the steps below and you will succeed in finding out who visited your Facebook Profile!

  • Go to the Facebook timeline-
  • Right-click on your timeline and hit “View Page Source”.
  • Now, you will be redirected to a new page tab with lots of code.
  • Press CTRL + F simultaneously on your keyboard, the text box appears in the right corner, in the box, type- “InitialChatFriendsList” (Do not include quotes)
  • Next, to that word, you will see a list of numbers, it is the profile ID of the people who visit your Facebook profile.
  • Just go to “” and paste the ID number next to “\”. For example, if ID 1234, you have to put it in a new URL tab like so:
  • The first ID shows frequently visited profiles when the last ID never visited your profile!

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The Final Word:

So, friends, this was How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profiles on Android on a regular basis! Please leave your comments.

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