Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily


Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily and Without Hassle– Not a strange thing if the laptop that we are using suddenly hangs no activity alias error does not want to respond to the commands we give. Not only laptops or notebooks, ordinary PCs also often experience hangouts due to hardware or software. Inevitably you have to make decisions about our computer that hangs.

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

If our computer or laptop stops simply not responding to whatever we order or runs so slowly that it shows no sign of meaning, the only way we can do is force reset or force it to shut down. For those who have mastered a lot of computer science, this information might not be new, but for those who are beginners, it will be quite helpful.

Today’s laptops have become a mandatory requirement for students, students, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Along with the development of internet technology and software, many laptop users install any application without seeing the priority of the application needed to help work.

Finally, many laptops that suddenly hang, not responding, slow / even crash because of overloading applications and not seeing the ability of the laptop. This, of course, disturbs your work activities, especially if the job demands to be resolved immediately. Also, read more: How to Screenshot on Asus Windows 10 Laptop With Easy

It can be likened to cleaning, starting with applications, software, even drivers and tools that are not needed. In addition, checking up on hardware is also very important. This time the Futureloka Team will discuss the Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang with Easy and No Hassle, the following comments:

How to Turn off Windows 8 Laptop

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

Many features of Windows 8 have undergone changes quite far from previous Windows editions, including one of the power options or how to turn off hidden windows. Here’s how to turn off Windows 8 Laptop:

Turn off Windows from the Hidden Button

This method is the official step or steps recommended by Microsoft, namely through the chamber in the sidebar of windows. Turning off Windows 8 is by hovering the mouse cursor on the lower right corner or up until the charm bar appears »click the Settings» Power »button and then choose Sleep, Shutdown or Restart according to your needs. For the record, 3 ways to turn off windows is fast and in accordance with system security and since the title of the article also puts forward speed. This method takes about 4-5 seconds.

How to Turn off Windows from Desktop

As for turning off Windows from the desktop applies not only to Windows 8 but also to all Windows editions. The way your windows must be at Desktop position »then press the ALT + F4 button (Shut Down Windows will appear)» and just select the Shutdown, Sleep, Restart, Sign Out or Switch User option. This method takes about 3-4 seconds.

Turn off Windows with Shortcuts

Turning off Windows with shortcuts is my favorite. This method is safe because it actually utilizes the run command feature that is integrated with Windows. All you need to do is make a shortcut file containing the shutdown command (as well as turning off the computer from the command prompt, but this method is more effective more concise and fast). Please right-click on the desktop and create a “New Shortcut” or a new shortcut, then enter the code below on the “Type location of the item”.

After that, enter any name like “ShutDown” and click finish, finish (or download the shutdown shortcut file). Now, to turn off your windows you only need to double-click this file and the computer will turn itself off. This method takes about 1-2 seconds. While to restart just change the above code to  shutdown.exe / r / t 00  or to liberate  shutdown.exe / h.

I found this method when I was learning to make commands in the Command Prompt for my first windows application Time Information that is a computer application talking every turn of the clock, and it turns out that the command prompt command can also be applied to the shortcut.

How to Turn off Windows 10 Laptop

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

In general, to do Shut Down whether it’s on Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 is sure to find where the shutdown button is. For example in Windows 7 people will press the Start button and then select the power and then click shut down, in Windows 8 to the Charm Bar then look for shut down, even in Windows 10 the way again like in Windows 7. Okay, that’s the right way, but also the way which is usually done by everyone. Here’s how to turn off Windows 10 Laptop:

Right-click on Start

If you right-click on the Start button, a lot of shortcuts will appear. Then look at the second bottom shortcut, there is a Shutdown menu shortcut or Sign Out. Now just select the shortcut menu and click Shutdown then Windows will turn off.

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

Using 3 Deadly Buttons

Yes, this button is true, and the terrible button has been around since Windows XP. To use it you just click on the desktop and press the  ALT + F4  button simultaneously and press the ENTER button.

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

Make Your Own Shut Down Shortcut

Creating your own shortcut makes it easier to shut down, where you just put the shortcut shut down on the desktop. Later when the shortcut shut down is clicked / Enter then the PC will immediately turn off.

You can also change the shortcut icon to shut down by right-clicking on the shortcut  > Properties -> Change Icon> selected -> Click OK Tara has become the shortcut, you can give the name “Turn me off, bro” to make it more exciting.

Change the Power Button

Okay, this way I recommend in an emergency, for example when you are doing something privacy and suddenly comes a figure that you do not want.  This method is very simple, you just change your power button to shut down button, because at first when the laptop turns on and you press the power button the laptop will automatically go into Sleep mode.

To replace it, select  Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound ->  in the Power Options option,  select  Change what the power buttons do  ->  change  When I press the power button from Sleep so Shut Down -> OK.

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

How to Turn Off a Laptop with CMD

How to shut down or shut down the computer using command prompt not many computer users know. Because usually, people turn off the computer through the usual way that is Start> Shutdown. But, using the command prompt will look much different.

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

Command Prompt (CMD) is a windows application that we can use to enter commands into the computer. The command or command prompt is a text that functions to instruct the computer to do something. The following is how to turn off the Laptop with CMD.

How to Enter CMD (Comand Prompt) Windows

To enter CMD press the Windows logo  + R  >  type CMD  >  Enter

The shutdown is a condition where the computer/laptop is not working or has been turned off. How to turn off the computer can directly press the power button, through the screen instructions, to revoke electricity. But it is very rare that using this method is turning off using the command prompt command.

How to Turn Off a Windows Computer Through CMD (Prompt Command)

1. Enter CMD.

2. In CMD type  shutdown.exe -s

3. Enter

Then the computer will display a notification, and immediately shut down or die.

But what if we want to give a timer?

Turning Off the Computer Through CMD (Comand Prompt) with the Timer

1. Enter CMD.

2. type  shutdown.exe -s-t 60

3. Enter.

Note: The time unit is seconds/second so the number 60 above means 60 seconds. You can change it as needed. Like 1 hour = 3600 seconds

The computer will turn off after 60 seconds, this feature is the same as on the televisions that give Sleep time.

How to give a message before the computer turns off via cmd (Comand Prompt)

1. Enter CMD.

2. Type  shutdown.exe -s-t 60 -c “This is a Message Before a Computer Shutdown”

3. Enter

The computer before shutdown or shut down will surely give a warning “This is a Computer Before Shutdown Message” on your monitor screen.

How to cancel the command to turn off the computer via CMD (Comand Prompt)

1. Enter CMD

2. Type  shutdown.exe -a

3. Enter

How to Turn off the Laptop via the Keyboard

Every time you use a laptop, you starch have a direction or goal that comes out of your mind to use this one electronic device. Some of these goals are very different, just to do schoolwork, complete office tasks, edit a photo, archive files, play games, browse, or just watch your favorite videos. Increased use of laptops, raises a habit among laptop users, such as turning on and not long after turning off the laptop by clicking shutdown.

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

When you use a laptop or computer to run applications that do not charge your laptop RAM and want to turn off the laptop is not difficult. Maybe the processing process is not through a long process. However, the problem is different if you use several applications that burden your laptop’s RAM, such as using a Photoshop application for example. Turning off the laptop takes a long time too because we have to wait for the laptop to be completely dead. The following is how to turn off the laptop via the keyboard:

How to turn off the computer with the keyboard on Windows XP

1. press the Windows button, then the U and U buttons again. (Windows + U + U) That way your computer will immediately die slowly.
2. You can also use the second method, by pressing the Alt + F4 key on your keyboard and pressing the U button again.

How to turn off the computer with a keyboard in Windows 7

1. Press the Windows button, then press the right arrow button, and press enter. This is the way I like the most. Enough with two steps, in any position whether on the desktop or not, we can shut down Windows 7 quickly.
2. Press the Alt + F4 button, then press enter. But for this, you have to be in the desktop position, my friend. The problem is that if you are still in front of the open application, the alt + F4 button functions to close the application (just like the close button in the top right corner)


How to turn off the computer with the keyboard on windows 8 and 10

The method is still the same as Windows XP and 7. Please be on the desktop, then click Alt + F4. If on Windows 8 you appear like the following, it means that without changing, just press enter on your computer or laptop keyboard.
Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily
To shorten the shutdown process you can use the keyboard keys. Enough to press twice, the shutdown is running. The first step, you press the Alt + F4 combination button. Then, you press the U button. The computer shutdown process is already running. This is for all types of Operating Systems on laptops.

How to Turn Off a Laptop That Can’t Be Shutdown

Maybe you have found a laptop that if shut down cannot die. Despite repeated shutdowns, it still seems that there is no response to the commands you give to the computer to turn itself off.

Sometimes assuming it is a virus, sometimes assuming it’s a computer hardware problem. For the case of laptops that can’t be dished down, I’m okay with those who think about viruses or about their hardware. Because it’s true, cases like this can occur due to software and hardware damage. Here’s how to turn off a laptop that can’t be shut down:

Computers that cannot be shut down by system shutdown are not always caused by viruses. The most common is the software problem. However, it does not rule out the possibility of hardware damage. Whatever it is, here are some ways to overcome or fix it.

Fix registry

The registry role in Windows is very important. It’s like a place of command for the operating system itself. If an error occurs, it can be ascertained that Windows will be problematic. One of them cannot be turned off ( turn off ).

Repairing the registry error can be said to be easy. I myself usually use the CCleaner application. The trick is to just click and click. And after repair, the computer or laptop usually can be shut down normally.

Clean from junk files

The next way is to clean laptop computers from rubbish. The purpose of the waste here is not dust, food wrap, or so on. But junk files like browser history, remnants of open programs/applications, and the like.

The application to clean it is still the same as above, use CCleaner. If it’s installed, I’m sure you know how to use it.

Uninstall  applications is not important / not needed

In addition to junk files, most installed applications can burden the performance of desktop and laptop computers. In fact, applications that are not well-made can cause problems. One of them is making the computer unable to shut down as discussed.

For that reason, if your computer has very many applications, delete some that are not important and not needed. When the performance feels light again, try turning off the laptop to check whether it can be shut down properly or not.

Clean the virus

The laptop cannot be turned off, it might be caused by a virus. Some cases, viruses attack the registry until errors. Therefore if the methods above have been done but have not been successful, try a virus scan using antivirus. After that, try shutdown. Oh yeah, don’t forget after cleaning, repair the registry first. See the point one above.

Forcibly turn off the laptop

Turn off the correct laptop by pressing the Windows menu and then clicking Shutdown. But in this case, it can’t. So, the only way to kill is by force. Try pressing the power button for 15 seconds. If you die, it means success. Whereas if it fails, just remove the battery. Although this method is very effective, it is forbidden to make it a habit.

Uninstall the  driver

The driver function on the computer is important. One of them is to support performance. However, if it turns out that one of the drivers is not suitable and actually causes the laptop to not be turned off, it means having to delete/uninstall it.

If you really need this type of driver, just look for other ones that match the version of the laptop operating system that you are using. Already uninstalled but not yet able to shut down, do the method number five.

Reinstall the Windows operating system

If the problem of the laptop cannot be turned off again appears, try to overcome it by reinstalling the operating system. You can choose Windows 7 or Windows 8. However, my advice is to choose the latest, Windows 10. (But also adjust to the specifications of the computer).

Usually, by reinstalling the OS, all problems will be resolved (my advice is not only to repair. Why? Because in the near future the same problem can come again).

Replace the problematic hardware

How to fix a computer or laptop cannot be turned off this last by replacing the problematic hardware. Both processor, memory, or hard disk, if it is damaged, can indeed affect it. And if you want to change, if you can’t do it yourself, it’s better to leave it to the official service place.

How to Turn Off a Hang Laptop

Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error or Hang Easily

Computer programs are often jammed when the machine is too long or too hot to stop, not responding or commonly referred to as. Hang is usually marked by the computer not responding or the screen is blank because the program is stuck.

There is also a computer that when the engine temperature is too hot immediately turns off the power automatically. Here’s how to turn off the laptop that hangs:

Close the jammed program

The first thing you do is to try to close the program that is not responding or to block it. You can close the program by pressing hotkey  ALT +  F4 or if the mouse can still be moved you can close the program with the cross button in the upper right corner of the window.

Open the task manager and then end the task

Opening the task manager is an alternative if the first step doesn’t work. Sometimes programs that don’t work cannot be closed with a mouse or with a hotkey alt f4. To close it forcibly we must end the task on the program that is running. Open the task manager by pressing the CTRL +  SHIFT +  button  ESC, then select the program that stops and clicks end task.

Press the CTRL  +  ALT +  button DEL

Sometimes when the program is totally stuck we have to log out or restart the computer/laptop by pressing the CTRL +  ALT +  button  DEL, then an option will appear to open the task manager, log out, restart, and shutdown. Just select shutdown/restart so that the jammed program is closed by itself.

Pressing the restart button on the CPU

When we cannot press any key on the keyboard and mouse we have no choice but to restart the computer by force. To restart you can press the restart button on the CPU on your computer, this restart button is not available on the laptop, but some laptop models have restart buttons. The location of the restart button on the computer is usually located near the on the button on the computer’s CPU.

Turn off your computer/laptop forcibly

If only the above things we cannot do, this might be an optional way, namely by forcibly shutting down the computer/laptop. We can forcibly turn off the laptop by pressing the on the button for about 10 seconds then the laptop will turn off automatically.

For computers, you can immediately revoke the resources, so the computer will die. This method is only done when you can’t do anything else, and don’t do this too often because it can damage the motherboard on your computer/laptop.

Thus the article about Various Ways to Turn Off Laptop Error Or Hang Easily and Without Hassle that the Futureloka Team can deliver, hopefully useful. Please note, use an alternative way to restart this windows emergency wisely. Although this method will not damage your Windows computer system, such as if you do a Hard Reset (via the computer/laptop power button).

When this emergency option has been done Windows will immediately restart immediately without giving another warning, then the program that is still active or data that has not been saved will be turned off immediately.

Still, this is better because at least it won’t damage the computer system. As for if you remain stubborn you don’t want to die, you can try pressing the old power button until the power indicator light turns off. See you in the next article! Thank you for reading this article.


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