TheOneSpy – Ethical Hacking Tool for Computer Devices


TheOneSpy – Ethical Hacking Tool for Computer Devices, TheOneSpy is one of the leading monitoring software that has been designed for computer devices.

TheOneSpy - Ethical Hacking Tool for Computer Devices

It empowers the user to perform ethical hacking on employees and children laptop and desktop computer machines running with windows and MAC operating systems.

Moreover, it is not necessary for the user to have possession of the target computer device all the time.


Once you have installed the computer hacking software on the target device then you can remotely get access to the target device and even you can control as well.

It means it is the tool that can be used to hack the target laptop and desktop PC within no time. In –short, it is a monitoring tool that is been used for while hat hackers such as employers and parents.

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Employers can use it to protect their business from the dishonest and sluggish employees who waste time or get involved in something fishy. Moreover, parents can use to set digital parental control on windows and MAC computer machines.

Therefore, if you are parents or employers then you can hack your children and employees digital computer devices within no time. Let’s discuss how you can get TheOneSpy computer monitoring app.

How to get TheOneSpy PC surveillance app?

TheOneSpy - Ethical Hacking Tool for Computer Devices

First of all, you need to visit the official website of the computer tracking software and then you should subscribe to computer tracking software. Once you have got the subscription, you will instantly get an email along with the passcode and ID.

Furthermore, get physical access on the target laptop or desktop computer machine and install the spy software for computer. After you have ended up the process of the installation successfully, simply activate it on the target device.

When you are dealing with the activation process you will get a pop –up message instantly. It empowers the users to hide the surveillance software for PCs or allow the user to use as it suited the most.

Now it is the time to use the credentials such as passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel of the tracking app for Windows and MAC.

You can further visit the features of MAC and windows monitoring app. Let’s discuss all the tools briefly that empower you to hack the target windows and MAC laptop and desktop devices.

Windows & MAC spy software features for the hacking of PCs

Windows spy software features

Website blocking

The end user can remotely hack the target computer laptop device and get access to the browser and can block all the websites that are inappropriate. You just need to put the URLs into filters and no one will get access to the blocked websites.

User –friendly reports

The user can get reports of all the activities to happen on the target device. It means the user can have the reports of visited apps, visited websites, activity logs, alarm logs, sent/received emails and last but not the least stroke and Mouse clicks.

Mighty Alarms

You can set the alarms on the target device activities that target user has performed most of the times. However, you want to know about certain activities that you are concerned about. So, you will get instant alerts.

Real-Time monitoring

The user can get access to all the activities to happen on the target windows machine in real –time.

Invisible Mode tracking

The user can secretly monitor or hack the target windows laptop and desktop computer machines.

MAC tracking software features

Block websites

The user can block all the websites remotely on the target MAC device that end-user thinks is not appropriate. You just need to put the URLs into the MAC hacking software online control panel.

Camera Bug

The user can remotely hack the camera of the target MAC laptop and desktop device and get to know who is up to the device.


The end user can also hack the MIC of the target MAC laptop computer device and you can listen and record the surround conversations.

Screen recording

You can remotely perform screen recording of the target MAC desktop device and make back to back short videos of the screen that you can view having access to the MAC spy app web portal.

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The Final Word:

TheOneSpy windows and MAC spy software is the best ethical hacking tool for computer devices. It allows employers and parents to perform hacking of the target device remotely to know about employees and children activities on their PCs.

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