The Best Software To Recover Lost Data On Smartphone


The Best Software To Recover Lost Data On Smartphone For Free, Have you lost your data on your smartphone? You don’t need to be worried because EaseUS data recovery software will assist you to recover your valuable data on your smartphone for free.

The Best Software To Recover Lost Data On Smartphone For Free

EaseUS data recovery software can be used to recover data from any smartphone. If you are an Android user or Apple user, EaseUS is only software which can assist complete data.

Here is a complete process to install EaseUs software and connect smartphone;

How to Install EaseUS Data Recovery Software and Connect Smartphone:

  • Go the original website of EaseUS and download the file from their website.
  • You can add it to your desired location then install it on your PC.
  • Now you need to connect your cell phone but before combining make sure that your phone can connect with PC.
  • After connecting now turn on software and make sure that software can find your smartphone and you’ll find the name of your mobile phone in the software.
  • Now make a deep scan on the drive of your smartphone via your EaseUS software on your system.
  • If you are asked to wait, then you need to wait for a while until the scan process completes.
  • If the names of the recoverable files are different and unknown, then you don’t need to be worried because it recovers raw data and their names are unexpectedly different.
  • You can identify the photos and other files manually by preview option or by opening them one by one.
  • You can recover complete files at once, or you can recover file one by one by previewing.
  • You’ll be asked to buy the software if you have exceeded the quantity of data recovery so you can share the link of their software to get the extra plan.
  • If the deep scan is completed and you are willing to recover the files of your smartphone later, then you can save the result to your PC.


You can recover data quickly from sudden data loss caused by confused, deletion or influenced by any virus attack if your hard disk damages because of unexpected bug or virus, EaseUs recovery software free allows their users to recover files to your primary storage or any secondary storage.

As you realize that some viruses are hazardous for the smartphone and This is a cause of data deletion, there are a few viruses that can wipe out your entire phone, but in that case, just EaseUs data recovery software can help you.

You can recover data from your mac. It can be used as Mac data recovery software as well as Smartphone data recovery software.

For those who have lost their access to their partition and they are not able to get their information, then they should regain their raw partition with the support of this software.

EaseUs data recovery software free enables their users to recover their lost information on iPhone too. Actually, due to the technology revolution, there’s a trend of, so people usually save their documents and report on their phones and several users would be the victim of information lost, but today EaseUs data recovery software can help you.

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EaseUs file recovery software has introduced mobile solutions due to user’s demand, regardless of what brand you’re using, in the case of information lost only EaseUs applications can help you to recover your data lost. There are other incredible features introduced by EaseUs file retrieval application, which is iPhone information transfer.


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