The Best 5 SNES Emulators for Android


The Best 5 SNES Emulators for Android – Emulators or more precisely emulator software allows a program or software to be created initially by a computer system (architecture and operating system) and to run on that system (or run in a dedicated system), can be run in a completely different computer system.

The Best 5 SNES Emulators for Android

For example, a Windows program can be run on a Linux operating system using a Wine emulator software.

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There are also programs that emulate a computer on a computer, such as VMware. Another example is emulator programs to run computer games that initially can only be run on their respective consoles, such as Nintendo, Atari, PlayStation, Xbox, and others.

Now the emulator is present on your Android Smartphone. Emulators can let gamers miss their favorite retro title games on mobile.

Here I will share the Best Emulator information on Android to play classic games like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Let’s see below:

Best List of the Snes Emulators for Android

1. John SNES


John SNES has a high compatibility level that runs on native SNES machines. I can’t find a game that doesn’t work to play on this emulator.

This is not content full of other SNES emulators but has support for gamepads (on-screen, wireless, wired, and Bluetooth), cheat support, slow and forward motion modes, turbo button support, and more.

You can try it for free. However, you will not get all the features unless you buy them. This is a fantastic emulator and is definitely one of the best in this space.


2. Matsu Emulator

Matsu Emulator

Matsu is one of the new SNES emulators. This is actually an all-in-one emulator type. It supports SNES, PSX, NES, GBA, GBC, Genesis, and several others. The developer also works on N64, PSP and Nintendo DS support.

The emulator works pretty well. I have no problem playing my game. It comes with regular features. That includes save and load states, cheat codes, fast forward, and more. The price is a little expensive at $ 7.99. However, you can try it for free.


3. Retroarch


Retroarch is a unique all-in-one emulator. It has support for various systems. SNES is one of them. Be prepared to read their wiki to find some problem-solving answers.

It boasts on-screen controls, a high level of compatibility, and support for a large number of systems. It’s also open-source, free to use, and has no ads. So this emulator should be tried


4. Snes9x EX +

SNES Emulators for Android


5. SuperRetro16

SNES Emulators for Android

SuperRetro16 has always been one of the most popular SNES emulators. This one offers support for cloud storage, support for multiple types of controllers, and facilities such as save / load states, fast forward, and more.

It also includes a variety of visual enhancements that try to make the game look a little smoother. There are no other emulators on this list with many features like this.


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