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Advantages and Root Deficiencies in Smartphone – Some of the smartphone users are certainly happy to copy their Android devices, some even root their smartphones. But we must know the advantages and disadvantages of root on the smartphone first.

What Are The Advantages and Root Deficiencies in Smartphones
Actually, it’s fine if we root our Android phone. Because we can get full access to the system, from our smartphone.

But before rooting a smartphone, it’s good to recognize the bad good first.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Smartphone Roots

Here are some advantages and disadvantages, Android devices that have been rooted:


1. Run certain applications

If our smartphone has been rooted, then we can run several applications, which previously we could not run.
Because there are several applications that require root so that we can install and run it on our Android phones.
Like the AdBlocker application, Root Explorer and other applications that require root access to run it.

2. Save storage space

We can also save internal storage space if we have rooted our smartphone.

That is because we can delete some default applications, which cannot be deleted if our Android phone has not been uninstalled.

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But we must be careful if you want to delete the application or default file because there are some default applications that are important for smartphones.
If we delete the application, our Android phone will actually experience a malfunction, and even soft brick can occur.

3. Can install custom ROM

The advantage of making another android root is that we can use a custom ROM on our Android.
Usually, smartphone users are very happy, using custom ROMs for their Android phones.

In addition to looking good and different from the default ROM, using custom ROMs also usually have several features that are not found on the default ROM.

Can install custom ROM


1. Eliminate the warranty

If we root our smartphone, of course, it will eliminate the warranty provided by the vendor.
That’s because rooting on Android can be said to be illegal.
Therefore if a system failure occurs, after rooting the smartphone, the vendor will cancel the guarantee.

2. Can cause system damage

Rooting the android panda is also actually full of risks because if an error occurs during the boot process, it can cause our device to experience soft brick.
Even more fatal, if we make a mistake during the boot process, it can cause our smartphone to die completely.

3. Vulnerable to virus attacks

A smartphone that has been rooted in very vulnerable to virus, or malware attacks. Because if we use a system that has been rooted, it means that security on the system has been opened.
For this reason, some financial applications, usually cannot be run on smartphones that are difficult to uninstall.
That is because the developer does not want to use it as a victim of data theft, so they make the application unable to run on Android devices that have been rooted.
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The Final Word:

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of rooting a smartphone. It would be nice if we just use the default operating system, without having to root.
Besides giving more security to the data contained in our smartphone, but also can maintain the performance of the smartphone remains optimal.
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