How to Root Andromax C2 AD688G (2020)


How to Root Andromax C2 AD688G – If you have a plan to remove Andromax C2 too and look for ways to root, then it’s in the right place. Because I will explain how to root andromax C2 ad688g in this post. Before discussing further to the rooting article, you should know first, what is meant by Root?

How to Root Andromax C2 AD688G

The root is a way to get full access to the Android smartphone that is used.

Because previously there were still restrictions on the use provided by the manufacturer. The root is arguably the same as jailbreak.

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The term root is better known for operating Android with a specific purpose.

For example, to improve smartphone performance, delete the default application, edit the display.

And the most important thing is to give full access to users so they can change and modify the android smartphone.

How to Install CWM and Root Andromax C2 Without a PC

First, download the following files

How To Install Andromax C2 Recovery CWM

  1. Extract the TFT Update file that you downloaded earlier, there will be a folder “ad688g.v1”. Change the name of the folder to be “newad688g.v1”. Then open the folder and change the file name “ad688g.xml” to “newad688g.xml”
  2. Rename the philz_cwm.img file to recovery.img , then move the file to the newad688g.v1 folder
  3. Put the folder earlier on the SD Card
  4. Make sure your smartphone battery is above 5%, then turn off your cellphone
  5. If it is dead now press the power + volume up + volume down button simultaneously until the “authority identification not found” appears
  6. Do not release the power button until the notification appears as below
    How To Install Andromax C2 Recovery CWM
  7. If so, just wait until the loading process is completely finished. This process is indeed quite long, usually reaching 20 minutes. Therefore the battery condition must be above 50% to avoid low bet and bootloop. So just be patient waiting for him.
  8. After the updating process is complete, you can check whether the CWM installation was really successful by turning off your cellphone then press “Volume down + Power” simultaneously until the philz touch 6 menus appear. like the picture below
    How To Install Andromax C2 Recovery CWM
  9. Done

How to Root Andromax C2

  1. Enter the recovery menu by turning off your cellphone then press “Volume down + power” at the same time
  2. After entering the recovery mode, select install zip. The trick is to use the volume buttons for navigation (volume up for up, volume down for down) and the power button for OK
  3. Next look for the c2 boot file that you downloaded earlier then install
  4. Don’t forget to install superSU and wait for the process to finish
  5. When done, restart your cellphone and the root process is complete.

If your Andromax C2 is experiencing bootlop or just stuck on the android logo, you should not panic because it can still be fixed by re-flashing.

Andromax C2 is an Android smartphone from Smartfren which has a low price because it is priced at around 600 thousand.

With these low prices, many end up using Andromax C2.

When viewed from the price it is certain this is not a full-featured android smartphone and fierce specs, what are the specifications? The following explanation.

Andromax C2 already uses dual SIM, so you don’t need to bother loading and unloading the card when you want to use the other card.

On the screen of this smartphone has a 4-inch screen with a type of TFT LCD 480X215X800 pixels, quite minimal and feels right pocket.

The network used is EVDO Smartfren which is equivalent to 3G GSM networks.

The processor used is a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHz supported by 512MB RAM so that it can be used to play HD games even without fear of lag because it has Adreno 302 graphics.

In addition, it has an internal memory of 4 GB and also has provided a MicroSD slot up to 32 GB.

The battery capacity of 1420 mAh, has also been equipped with Wifi tethering, Bluetooth, Dolby Digital Plus application that runs on the Android KitKat operating system.

Even though they already have specifications that are quite classy, ​​many users are not satisfied with the specifications provided by Smartfren.

Finally, many are looking for ways to remove Andromax C2, and the main step is to root first.

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The Final Word:

So, friends, This how to easily install CWM and RootAndromax C2 AD688G without a PC.

Hopefully, the explanation above Root Andromax C2 AD688G can solve your smartphone problem and can also be useful.

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