Easy Ways to Report False Fake Accounts on Twitter Services


Today, Twitter service users can easily report accounts that are suspected of being fake accounts. However, do you know how to do it?

As one of the most popular social networking services in India, Twitter is one of the most effective media for disseminating various kinds of information.

Easy Ways to Report False Fake Accounts on Twitter Services

Because of this, many irresponsible people use it to create fake accounts and spread various false news or even be used to cheat other users.

In order to provide comfort and security for its users, Twitter also released a new feature that can be used to report fake accounts in an easier way, so that the timeline remains in good condition.

This new feature is a button for reporting various kinds of things that are indicated to have false information, including fake accounts, bot accounts, and fake tweets.

Well, if you find an account or tweet that feels fake, you can report it so that not many people are trapped or deceived. For the way, you can follow the steps in the following description.

How to Report a Fake Account on Twitter Services

  1. From the Twitter account profile page that will be reported, select another menu icon in the top right corner
  2. Next, select the Report option
  3. If the Report an issue page appears, select the It’s suspicious or spam option
  4. Then choose the reason It’s a fake account

Easy Ways to Report False Fake Accounts on Twitter Services

In addition to being able to report an account, you can also report fake Twitter in a similar way. At the intended tweet, you can press the down arrow located on the right side of each tweet.

Next, you can choose the Report Tweet option . Give information and the same reasons as before, namely It’s suspicious or spam. And then proceed by choosing The account Tweeting this is fake.

But it should be noted, in this case, you will only be allowed to report accounts that are not certified or accounts that do not have a blue tick, which is currently still given to public figures.


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