How To Remove Unread Facebook Messages On Mobile


How To Remove Unread Facebook Messages On Mobile Phone and Web – Head after the jump for the complete guide. Read admissions on Facebook can be very annoying for those who usually find themselves avoiding social calls.

How To Remove Unread Facebook Messages On Mobile And Web

Quotes can sometimes help get the message across, and if you’re sure you understand incoming messages but do not want contacts to know that you’ve read them, you do not want to keep hanging around in your inbox, risking the chance of opening them by mistake.

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Deleting unread Facebook Message On the Web

Not that this should be told, but there are users who always surprise us. Receiving a new message usually shows a red badge with a Message icon on the ribbon at the top.

Step 1: Click the Messages icon, and you’ll see a pop-up menu popping up a list of your latest Facebook conversations, including unread messages highlighted in blue light colors.

unread Facebook Message

Step 2: At the foot of this listing, you’ll see the ‘View All’ action button. Click it.

Unread Facebook Messages On Mobile And Web

Step 3: Now you should see the expanded inbox views of your Facebook message, but do not worry; Will not automatically open your latest unread messages. Simply bring the mouse over that unread message and you should see the ‘x’ (Archive) button, so click it.

How To Remove Unread Facebook Messages

Currently, the only way to completely delete a Facebook message is to delete it after the message is opened, so archiving is the only safe option to clear your inbox without triggering read receipts.

Deleting Facebook Unread Facebook In Phone

The steps listed here are usually meant for the Messenger Facebook app and not the mobile Web version. Deleting unread messages from this app is quite simple.

Step 1: Run the app and you will see a list of all your messages, where unread messages will be listed in bold text.

Step 2: To delete a message, just swipe left on the message and you will see some options like More, Mute, and Delete. Press the red Delete button. On Android, just press and hold on the message for a few seconds to open the action menu.

Delete a Messages

Step 3: Do that, the app will ask you if you intend to delete the message or archive it. Both options here will clear your inbox from unwanted messages that have not been read, with the last save it to the Archive folder.

Delete conversation

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