Best Tricks To Remove TouchWiz on Samsung Smartphones

Best Tricks To Remove TouchWiz on Samsung Smartphones – Android is an open-source system. That means that third-party producers can do whatever they want.
Best Tricks To Remove TouchWiz on Samsung Smartphones
Examples of this are Samsung’s special UI layer, One UI (formerly Samsung Experience and previously TouchWiz), which is often the subject of intense debate – not everyone likes.
If you want to remove the UI from your mobile, we have several different solutions to help you, whether you are an ordinary user or an Android expert.

What is TouchWiz / Grace UX / Samsung Experience?

All Samsung smartphones come with Samsung’s unique interface, TouchWiz or Samsung Experience. Starting with the retractable Galaxy Note 7, a new interface design called Grace UX was introduced, though it has gone through several name changes.

With the update of the Korean manufacturer’s device to Android Nougat, this new design is expanded.

The interface has changed little, which we can see on newer devices like the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, on the other hand, will soon be equipped with the latest version of the Samsung – One UI user interface.

However, not everyone likes this new user experience. If you have a Samsung smartphone but you don’t feel the interface, we can help you by changing it.

Disable the Samsung (non-root) application

Obviously, this will not completely erase TouchWiz / Samsung Experience from your Samsung device, but it will eliminate the annoying updates that are always requested by previously installed applications (bloatware) and which constantly consume your internal memory. We can get rid of notifications and applications that Samsung installed before.

You can start by getting rid of shortcuts and widgets, but to actually stop the application, you have to go to Settings> Applications> Application Manager, look for the offending and select application.

Disable the Samsung (non-root) application

Once you are in the application information:
  • Uncheck the Show notifications option
  • Erase the cache
  • Erase data
  • Finally, tap Disable.
In this way, the application will remain in hibernation mode, it will not update, and it will only take the initial space that came with it.
If you want to turn it back on, all you need to do is go to the Application Manager again and under ‘disabled’, you will see all the applications that you have turned off.

Install different launchers so you don’t need to see the TouchWiz / Samsung Experience

This is the most drastic change that you can do without rooting your cellphone. If Touchwiz’s icon or high-contrast background is not what you want, you can always modify the look to make your Android experience a little more bearable.

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With a special launcher, you can change the look of the desktop and icons. This only requires you to go to the Google Play Store and download one of the many available launchers.

The most popular are Nova, Apex, and Microsoft Launcher. You can find the best launcher options here.

Disable the Samsung (non-root) application

Open the Google Play Store and install which one you like the most. The first time you open it, it will ask which launcher you want to use.
Select the launcher that you just installed and click ‘always.’ If for some reason you want to return to TouchWiz, you can change it in Settings > Default Apps > Home screen, select your launcher and click the home button.

Remove TouchWiz / One UI: root and install AOSP ROM

If you want to completely remove the Samsung UI from your device, the only option is to flash your device with a new ROM that doesn’t have the slightest TouchWiz in it.

This will cancel your warranty because the Knox counter will be set to zero. To flash your Samsung, the first thing you need is Odin.

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To delete Touchwiz from your mobile, you will need several things: first, install custom recovery and then install a new ROM from the custom recovery. Some ROMs have been rooted by default, but for others they are optional.

root and install AOSP ROM

The most common custom recovery for Samsung is TWRP. To install it, you will need the right file for your cellphone model. You can download it from the official page: a device supported by TWRP. To install-recovery with Odin, you will need a file with the .tar extension.
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The Final Word:

 So, friends, This was Best Tricks To Remove TouchWiz on Samsung Smartphones, When special recovery is ready, you can start searching for ROMs without TouchWiz.

On the XDA forum, you will find many ROMs based on pure Android (AOSP) that you can try. The main thing to note is how often user updates and comments. If you aren’t sure where to start, Lineage OS might be a good place.

Don’t forget to bookmark and always visit every day at because you will find the latest Technology Android games, Mod Apk, and apps ETC, that we will update every day.


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