Best Tricks To Make LinkedIn Ads: Complete Guide 2019


How to Make LinkedIn Ads: Complete Guide 2019, During this time, you might know LinkedIn as social media for professional workers. You can find work and connect with professional people from all over the world. But did you know that you can also advertise on LinkedIn?

Best Tricks To Make LinkedIn Ads: Complete Guide

Just like other social media platforms you can install ads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, which is specifically for businesses, has its own advantages. Advertising on LinkedIn can be very effective for companies and B2B organizations. With LinkedIn Ads, you can choose the type of ads they provide to reach the right audience for your business.

Why use LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn has introduced a significant feature and usability upgrade. With this upgrade, they managed to build a community where 40% of users open LinkedIn every day. Some updates are:

  • Better mobile apps
  • A neater desktop application display
  • Content features are getting richer
  • Spam management
  • Video

With user experience always increasing, more and more people spend their time on LinkedIn. In advertising itself, LinkedIn offers the following benefits:

  • Advanced targeting features. You can manage your target audience based on job title, function, and industry.
  • Choice of various types of ads.
  • Flexible budget control.
  • Tools for lead generations to increase the conversion rate.
  • Tracking and Analytics Tools to measure your ads performance
  • Choice of various languages

Types of LinkedIn Ads

No matter who your target audience, whether executives, influencers, or job seekers, LinkedIn provides various ways to advertise on their platforms with different types of ads.

LinkedIn self-serve ads

To create an ad on LinkedIn, you need to access the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. The Campaign Manager allows you to schedule campaigns, target your audience, and see industries, job functions, and seniority levels that click on your ad.

Currently, there are three ads options that you can choose:

Sponsored Content

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored content allows you to share posts with your company LinkedIn with your own target audience. This type of advertising can help you spread the word about your company. articles about your business industry, Slideshare presentations, and videos from YouTube or Vimeo to a wider range. This type of ad will appear on the homepage feed – both desktop, mobile and tablet – and also on the right side of LinkedIn’s desktop homepage. If you have a new video about your company or a promo that only lasts a day, sponsored content is one of the most effective ways to disseminate your LinkedIn content.

Text Ads

Text Ads

Text Ads are usually used by people to collect traffic to your company’s or website’s LinkedIn page. This type of ads can only appear on the desktop. For this ad, you need to provide interesting headlines, descriptions, and images. Text ads can appear in the “You May Ads Be Interested In” section and as text ads that appear at the top of a LinkedIn page.

InMail Sponsored

InMail Sponsored

InMail Sponsored is a type of ads where you will send a personalized message to LinkedIn users that you target through LinkedIn Messenger. LinkedIn users will receive the email when they are active on LinkedIn so they get your message right away. This type of Ads is an effective one if you want to make a more personal approach to increase the conversion rate.

LinkedIn Display Ads

LinkedIn Display Ads

Display Ads is a type of LinkedIn programmed ad. This means you can buy ads through your chosen ad platform or private or public auctions. Display Ads allows for more variety of media, including text, audio, video, and images, which makes it more attractive and interactive. This type of ads can help you display your business in front of the audience you want to promote your business and increase brand awareness.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are a type of ad that is very easy to customize and personalized. They are generated dynamically according to the activities of your audience. For example, if LinkedIn knows someone who is looking for work in your industry, you can target them at the right time with the right message. You can write your own ad copywriting, choose your own call-to-action, and use dynamically generated images from LinkedIn member profiles. This kind of ad is very useful for building relationships and delivering personalized messages to your audience.

In 2018, LinkedIn will also issue Video Ads but LinkedIn hasn’t released the details of this type of ads.

How to make LinkedIn Ads

Before you start creating LinkedIn Ads, you certainly need a company LinkedIn account. If you already have a LinkedIn account, you can easily make LinkedIn Ads.

Open your Campaign Manager account

If you already have a LinkedIn account, access Campaign Manager after you log in, and you will be directed to the next step.

Choose the type of Ads you want

You will be asked to choose the type of Ads you want to make. You can create a campaign and use all three formats to achieve maximum impact and reach.

Choose the type of Ads you want

These three types of ads will ask you to create a campaign name and choose the language that suits your target audience.

If you choose sponsored content ads, you also need to choose the call-to-action option:

LinkedIn Ads

Create your Ads

The campaign manager will guide you to create ads by displaying the specs of each type of ads and tips while you are doing it. The following are examples of the options available in creating a Text Ad.

LinkedIn Ads

As you can see, LinkedIn tells you what you need to write in these columns.

Target your Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Next, you get various options to target your ad to the right person, including location, company name, school name, job function, skills, and other filters. You can save your choices as a template to speed up when creating a new campaign.

Choose your budget and schedule

LinkedIn Ads

You can choose from cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM), or the cost per delivery for InMail ads (which means you only pay when your message is sent). For CPC and CPM, you can set daily spending limits and bidding prices. Bidding is the cost that you pay the cost per click or impression. You can also choose the start and finish dates for your campaign.

At this stage, you can also add conversion tracking (only for Content and Text Ads). This allows you to track certain actions so that you can measure better, and then increase, ROI. This includes registration, installation, download, and purchase.

Measure and improve your LinkedIn Ads

Campaign Manager gives you access to various metrics to help you measure and optimize your campaign. This includes impressions, clicks, and purchases. LinkedIn also allows you to measure “social actions,” which capture how LinkedIn members interact with your content. From these data then you can see how you can continue to optimize your campaign.

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The Final Word: 

LinkedIn as a social media specifically for business and professional activities can be the right place for you to promote your business. Especially for B2B businesses because you can find and deal directly with various professional business people around the world. In this article, we have also told you how to start an ad on LinkedIn. Hopefully, this article is useful!


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