How To Install TRWP and Root Redmi 4X (Santoni) 2020


How To Install TRWP and Root Redmi 4XXiaomi is one of the Android smartphone manufacturers from China that has a lot of users and fans all over the world, including India.

How To Install TRWP and Root Redmi 4X (Santoni)As a smartphone user, you certainly have heard the term root Android.

The root is the process of modifying the Android operating system, so users will have full control of the Android system that the device uses.

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In addition, this method also has a considerable risk but can also provide many benefits.

Root access will provide privileges that are equivalent to Android developers who develop Android applications.

After you have succeeded in gaining root access, you will have the freedom to fully access the Android operating system and install the application as we want.

In other words, we can delete or replace the default smartphone application. Because usually the application of some default applications that are not used and often interfere with the performance of Redmi 4X.

Other advantages you can get are installing applications on external memory, applications that require root access, replacing custom ROMs and getting more access to the Android system for certain purposes.

How to Install the Redmi 4X TWRP (Santoni)

  • Try Redmi 4X in full or at least fully charged battery, it will be better if> 50%.
  • Turn off your Xiaomi Redmi 4x, than enter fast boot mode by pressing the volume (-) and power buttons simultaneously.
  • If your Redmi 4X has been entered into fast boot mode, now connect the device using the data cable that has been prepared.
  • Then, in the twrp.img folder, hold down the shift key then right-click, then select open command window here.
  • After cmd windows appear, do check our device by typing the command:

fastboot devices

How to Install the Redmi 4X TWRP
  • Next, to install TWRP type the command:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img then enter

How to Install the Redmi 4X TWRP
  • Wait until the TRWP installation process on your device is complete
  • Then reboot your device by typing “fast boot reboot” then enter and unplug the USB cable
  • Done!

How to Root Xiaomi Redmi 4X (Santoni) without a PC

After TWRP has been successfully installed on Redmi 4X, now you can do rooting without using a PC.

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There are 2 methods you can use to get Root access, using SuperSU and Magisk. For the complete method, please refer to the following explanation.

How to Redmi 4X Root with Super SU

  •  Download Super files that are 6 Mb in size 
  • Save and move the above file to internal memory outside the folder
  • Turn off your cellphone and press the power button and vol up press simultaneously after vibrating and live please release.
  • Then after you can enter TWRP, select install, then select the Super file that you moved earlier.
How to Redmi 4X Root with Super SU
  • Then swipe to the right and wait until the Rooting process will take place. Marked done writing if it’s finished.
  • Then please select Reboot to system.
Reboot to system
  • You can use the Root checker application that you can download in the Playstore to make sure the root is successful or failed.
Root checker
Check using Root Checker

How to Root Redmi 4X with Magisk

The way to root Xiaomi Redmi 4X (Santoni) with Magisk is actually the same as using Super Su, which distinguishes only the files that are used, more fully refer to the following steps:

  • First download the following ingredients:
  • Turn off your Redmi 4X then enter  TWRP Recovery by pressing and holding the  Volume Up + Power Button simultaneously until the Mi logo appears, then release.
  • If you have successfully entered TWRP Recovery, then select the Install menu
  • Then search and select (the file that you downloaded earlier)
  • Next  Swipe to confirm Flash, wait until the installation process is complete
Swipe to confirm Flash
  • When finished, select  Reboot to System
  • Then wait until the reboot process is complete

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The Final Word:

So, friends, That’s was about How to Install TWRP and Root Xiaomi Redmi 4X without a PC. All of the above methods you can do yourself at home without having to go to a cellphone service center.

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