How to succeed in blogging 2019


How to succeed in blogging, Blogging means maintaining or adding content to a blog. Blogs may provide review or news on a particular subject or it is like personal online diaries.

How to succeed in blogging

Blog are of many different kinds such as a blog includes text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic.

Many blogs mainly focus on art log, photo blog, sketch blog, vlog, MP3 blog, and podcasting. Microblogging is another type of blogging where it features a blog with a short post.

Today’s world many youths are building a career on blogging or we can say every next individual is thinking of blogging or is a blogger. All blogger want one thing common is having loyal followers.

But if we are building a career on blogging we must hot to succeed in blogging.

So, here are some of the key points to keep in mind to have a successful career in blogging.

Find your niche

A lot of new bloggers don’t understand their calling maybe because a lot of them aren’t sure what to blog about and others don’t know what their interest is.

What we mean when we say find your calling or niche is to sharp your blog focus. Writing anything or everything is good when it’s for you. But for readers it maybe not orderly and disciplined, it will be difficult to follow.

What readers want is a collection of related post and meaning and helpful post .where they can find what they really want to solve their problem.

Focus on your niche such as beauty, finance, parenting, Do it yourself, web designing, daily blogging, travel blogging, fitness, etc.

Self promote

Don’t be afraid of Promoting your own project on social media or within your group of friends is intimidating for a lot of people.

If you want to succeed you have to bring out your heart on words and no one can do better then you. It is part of the marketing process, and bloggers have to know how to use social media and blog writing functions to market themselves.

But it is important to balance between self-promotion and humility. Many bloggers and social media follower suggest using 80 percent of your social comments and 20 percent of it promote their own products and services.

Create quality content

Without well-written and attractive content, your blog isn’t going to be succeeding. Blog design and your marketing strategy are important, but have quality content are important. People will be attracted only if they get what they want.

Good communicator

You can become a successful blogger if you have good communicating skills. People are misconceptions think that a blogger’s work is over after writing the article. The main work starts after the completion of the writing. Blogger needs to promote their article on social networking sites and then they should also reply to all the reviews he got on his article. For this, you need to have good communication skills for this. So work on your communication skills if you want to become a successful blogger.

 Build on what work  

An experiment is a part of the process, so don’t be scared to try something new. Start a constancy blogging series, place ads and start guest posting.

Make use of websites statistics and your readers to comment to know how they are reacting.

Try new thing here or it isn’t likely to hurt your blogging practice. Some of these experiments can lead to a miracle increment in traffic. The good news is that you can always discard the ones that don’t work.

Extend your blog

If you want to people stick around and keep coming back to your blog, it’s best extending your reach outside of simple blog posts. This helps you to reach your target audience who enjoy other forms of content and contact, and it keeps your blog from getting dull.

Make your blog adhesive

The adhesive is a term that means you’re encouraging people to return to or stay on your blog. For example, you might link to a relative article from your blog’s archives. The idea to these is, links point to your content and offer readers more depth information on the topic or a related subject.

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As an SEO Expert in India, I have experienced As you follow these people are more likely to stick around and subscribe to your blog.

You can succeed as a blogger by following above pro key point.


Gautam Sharma

( SEO Expert India )


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