Best Ways To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


This article is how to capture or screenshot Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, for those of you who are the latest series of Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone users who don’t know how to capture or screenshot a mobile screen, read the article below.

How do you take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge?

How to Capture or Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 Edge [Easily]

Maybe some people already understand what Capture or Screenshot is on a cellphone? yes, Capture or Screenshot of a mobile screen is taking pictures on our mobile screen, so if we want to show information about our cellphone we don’t need to take a camera and take photos of information on our mobile screen, we just need to use the Capture or Screenshot feature in our cellphone.

This feature is really very useful, but to use this feature not everyone understands because using a key combination to use this button so you can say that not everyone knows about this method, in the guidebook there is also no screenshot procedure so you can get info from colleagues or friends who already know or on the internet, for those of you who are confused looking for information on how to Capture or Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge please read the method below.

How to Capture or Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

How to Capture or Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 Edge
  1. Press and hold the Home Button + Power Button simultaneously, remembering simultaneously wait a few seconds for the screen image to appear, then release.
  2. The screenshot will be stored in the gallery in the Screenshot folder.
  3. Finished.


  1. By using a combination of keys
  2. Use the Palm Swipe feature
Well, how do you practice doing a screen photo or screenshot on a Galaxy S6 with these two methods? Please refer to the method below:
1. screenshot with Button
– Open or specify the image on the screen that you want to snap
– Then press the Power + Home button on the phone simultaneously and don’t release it until an image is captured
– If it doesn’t work, repeat again, Usually, screenshots fail because one of the buttons is pressed first from the other button, the point must be simultaneously pressing it.
2. By swiping the screen (Palm Swipe)
– The first time you have to activate this feature first, how to: go to Settings> Motions and gestures> Palm swipe to capture
– Then later you will no longer need to set up the feature and can be used immediately

using a combination of keys

– How to take screenshots with Palm Swipe ie Position your palms vertically and wipe right or also wipe the screen to the left, see sample images
Try not to swipe hands too fast and not too slow or stop in the middle of the screen because it will fail to do a screen capture or screenshot, repeat again if you fail to do a screenshot using the palm Swipe method.
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The Final Word:

So, friends, this is an article about How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, I hope this information will be useful for you. Also, share this article with your friends.



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