How To Schedule Facebook Posts to Save Your Time 2019


Hello friends, Facebook Post schedule is not a big deal for a general user. But who wants facebook money or want money from facebook It is very important for them to know that the How to Schedule Facebook PostsAnd for which is the Best Social Media Post scheduler tool.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts to Save Time

If you did not know about it yet, then you are the right place and we will get information from the detail about Facebook post scheduler here and also know how to use this feature of social media king. How can you create and increase engagement? But before knowing that

Where is the Facebook Post Scheduler?

Schedule means that a timetable is such an event, whose date and time is known to us first. Its best example is Exam Schedule. Whoever makes this schedule is called a scheduler.

Even on such online social media, we can schedule a post by date and time for our post and the tool used for this is called a scheduler. Well, we can do Post Schedule from direct Facebook. But using the Facebook Post Schedule Tool is much easier.

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Here is the talk about the  Facebook Post Schedule Tool. In it, we get some of the features that we get after paying thousands of dollars. for example…

  • Post in multiple groups together.
  • Make a Message or Post Schedule for all Groups and Pages at once.
  • To increase the Facebook link.
  • Too many comments on the post.
  • Invite a lot of people to Like Page Together
  • Easily join many groups according to your website / Product / Services.

It’s an alone facebook marketing tool that gets totally free with so many features and if you want to use it. So you carefully follow these tips and follow all the techniques described properly.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts?

Whether I am or everybody wants to be popular on Facebook, we want more Like Like Comment on our Photo, and we are a Blogger or Digital marketing expert. So our Post should reach the people from whom.

In this tool named Facebook Group Poster & Scheduler, we will find all these features absolutely free forever. Now we do not take the time to get the step by step information about this facebook posting tool.

Step # 1 Facebook Post Scheduler is a web application and it is launched by Best Hosting Provider Sujoy Dhar. In order to use it, we have to open the website and click on SignUp.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts to Save Your Time

Step # 2 To signup in the Facebook Post Schedule tool, we need to have an email id, after which we can create our account.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts to Save Your Time

Step # 3 After creating an account, we can login with the help of UserName and Password in its Dashboard and then we get to see this kind of screen here.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts to Save Your Time

Step # 4 The Facebook Post Schedule tool is the first option of the main dashboard. Add Facebook Account and we have to click here.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts to Save Your Time

After clicking Add Account, we have to generate Token for entering our Facebook UserName and Password. Then click add facebook account option.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts to Save Your Time

Step # 5 After successfully adding the account, we are ready to the facebook post. Now we can schedule facebook post on the date we want to post.

Schedule Facebook Posts

Step # 6 With it we, according to ours.

Facebook Groups can search and add them to the account so that they can post together on all groups.

Schedule Facebook Posts

Comment can be set. We can add a lot of comments on our own post.

Schedule Facebook Posts

Increase, we can increase thousands of Likes on whatever we have posted.

Schedule Facebook Posts

Benefits of Facebook Post Scheduler:

This is the awesome facebook post schedule tool, which we can use as professionals and will not even give us money for it. With bigger social media management tools such as Buffer, we only do post schedules. While this can only be done by the schedule, we can also join Likes, Comment, and Group. If you use this tool you can get a benefit like this.

  • With the help of this tool, we can post many post schedules on Facebook on the same day.
  • We can publish our post to a lot of groups. This can save us a lot of time.
  • We can comment on the correct post simultaneously.
  • Like many can do on your post. Which will make a good impression on the user and Post will be viral.
  • We can stay active on social media without having Daily Active.

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The Final Word:

So, Friends, that’s was  Facebook Post Scheduling tool, is very useful and you can use it to use Engagement Increase on your Fan page.

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