How To Flash Lenovo A6000 Qualcomm USB Driver 2020


How To Flash Lenovo A6000 Qualcomm USB Driver – Lenovo a6000 entered India around last January 2015. At that time the android market just started to warm up, and this moment was welcomed by Lenovo to launch its new product, Lenovo A6000.

How To Flash Lenovo A6000 Qualcomm USB Driver

Lenovo a6000 was launched with 2 series. Series without plus and a6000 plus series. What is the difference?

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The difference lies in RAN and Storage, where the regular version is only equipped with 1GB RAM and 8GB Storage while for the plus version it is equipped with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage with a difference of 200 thousand.

For other specifications the same does not make any difference, namely having a 5-inch widescreen that is ensured to be comfortable in your hand and when inserted in a pocket.

To spoil the eyes, the screen is assembled with IPS Capacitive Touchscreen technology.

Of course, at that time it was a plus if a smartphone had a 4G LTE network and it was owned by Lenovo A600. So it’s very tempting this Lenovo cellphone.

Overtime in the long-term use of the electronic name can be sure to experience interference.

Both the error from the human side or an error in the system. But we will discuss the possibility of many experienced by Android smartphone users in particular. Inevitably this Lenovo A6000.

The general problem is bootloop. Where the condition of the cell phone does not want to live a normal life so it cannot be used at all.

The hallmark is a live phone but only stuck in the logo.

Simply stated, this damage can be explained when there is a very important file that is damaged or only changes its name or its value changes.

This is what causes bootloop.

It could also be the case when rooting fails, what must be done to repair this damage is flashing the whole system because sometimes it is uncertain which files are damaged.

Flashing methods are also very diverse, so we try to describe all the methods here so you can try one by one which works and matches the equipment you have.

How To Flash Lenovo A6000

1. Via Flashtool

The first method we can try is to use flashtool on a PC or Laptop. We will use flashtool software specifically for Qualcomm chipsets. First, download the following material.

Install USB Driver:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded all the files above and save them in an easy-to-reach folder.
  2. Then Install Qualcomm USB Driver so that your Lenovo can later be recognized by the Computer properly.
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
  3. When first installing, click Next.
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
  4. Then click I Accept and Next.
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
  5. Finally, Finish.
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000

Flashing Process:

  1. The next stage we move to the Flashing Software. Open the Qualcomm Flash Tool Folder and Double Click on the QcomQLoader.exe File
  2. If the software is open then click the Wheel icon Then navigate to the firmware folder. Look at the picture.
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
  3. The next step is to turn off your Lenovo A600. Then connect to the Laptop or computer with a USB cable while pressing the Volume up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. And See later there are notifications like this:
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
  4. If a notification appears like this, the driver installation is successful. Make sure the driver is correct by entering the device manager and looking at the port showing the writing Qualcomm QLoader 9008.
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
  5. Alright if it’s appropriate, then the flashing process starts. Click on the Play icon. And the process will run please wait.
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
  6. When the flashing is complete a green Pass text will appear.
    How To Flash Lenovo A6000
  7. Done. Restart your cellphone.

2. Via QFil

Download the following ingredients.

Flash way:

  1. If the three files above have been downloaded, the next step is to extract the rar / zip file all three in a location that is easy to remember.
  2. Next, install the Lenovo USB Driver on your computer.
  3. The next step please deactivate your Lenovo A6000. Make sure it’s completely off.
  4. Next, connect your mobile to the computer with a USB cable if you can the original maximum results. When connected to a PC while pressing the top volume on your Lenovo A6000.
  5. Look for the QPST Folder that was extracted earlier. Double Click on QFil.exe
    Via QFil
  6. When open you will see the QFil display showing the status of the connected port, make sure it says ” Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 “
  7. Then click Browse as shown below. And navigate to the prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn file in the firmware folder. Then click Open.
    Via QFil
  8. Next look at the Load XML menu. Click and Navigate to the patch0.xml file. And click Open, look at the picture.
    Via SD Card Without PC
  9. If it’s all, to start flashing click Download.
  10. Please wait, when it’s finished your cellphone will restart itself and live like new again.

3. Via SD Card Without PC

Download the following firmware.

Flashing process without a PC:

  1. Once downloaded then move the firmware above to your SD Card, which can be through someone else’s cell phone or with a Card Reader.
  2. For flashing without a PC, we can use recovery that does work to repair this kind of damage. How to turn off your cellphone, then press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power  Press simultaneously until you enter a menu like this.
  3. Use the Volume buttons to navigate up and down and the volume buttons to OK.
  4. If you have entered the recovery menu as above. Then select Wipe Data / Factory Reset. This method will eliminate your data. It can also be skipped but usually, an error message will appear when alive.
  5. Then select the Apply Update From the SDCard menu. Then select the firmware file on the SD Card earlier.
  6. Then Swipe Right to confirm Flashing.
  7. Please wait for the process to begin.
  8. Done.

4. Via ADB Fastboot

Download the following ingredients:

Flashing Tutorial:

  • First, install the driver on your PC. This step can be skipped if you’ve done it before.
  • Then also install ADB and Fastbool tools on your laptop.
  • Then Move the Kraft Room Stock File to internal memory or SD Card.
  • Then if not, move the stock recovery to the ADB folder usually in C: / Program Files / ADB please search, remember to remember when you install ADB, put the installation destination.
  • The next step is to turn off your Lenovo A6000 phone.
  • Now enter fastboot mode first, when the cellphone is dead press the Volume Down and Power buttons together until the fastboot logo appears.
    Via SD Card Without PC
  • Now plug your cellphone into the laptop with a USB cable.
  • Now enter the ADB folder which also has a stock recovery file that we moved earlier. on the empty screen in the folder, press the Shift key, don’t let go, then right-click select Open Windows Command Here.
    Via SD Card Without PC
  • Type the command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • Please wait there is the progress of the size of the file sent to 100% success.
  • Next enter recovery, press all three buttons together (Volume up, Volume Down, Power)
  • If you have entered the recovery menu, select Apply Update From SD Card and point the file to the Stock Rom that you moved to the internal memory or the SD Card earlier.
  • Wait until the flashing is complete.
  • Done

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