How to Edit and Cut Videos on Kinemaster 2020


How To Edit and Cut Videos on Kinemaster – Currently, video content is indeed much needed, especially for those who work as content creators, both for the needs of YouTube channels or for other promotional media.

How to Cut Videos on Kinemaster

To edit videos now is not as complicated as it used to be to use the software on a computer, because it can be done using a smartphone with the help of applications such as KinemasterVivavideo ProFilmora Go, and others.

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If you edit videos often, you are already familiar with Kinemaster Pro.

Kinemaster Pro is a video editing application that is quite lightweight to use and has complete features.

The results of the editing are also not inferior to video editing via software on the PC.

Although it is fairly easy to use, there must be some who are still confused about operating it, especially for people who are just using this application.

Therefore, the admin will share basic tutorials on using Kinemaster Pro. Listen to the explanation to the end.

How to Cut Videos on Kinemaster

The first step you have to do is first install the Kinemaster Pro application.

After the application has been successfully installed now go to the main tutorial.

  1. Open the Kinemaster Pro application
  2. On the home page (main) click the + sign in the middle of the screen to create a video project
  3. Just choose the Empty Project option Just choose the Empty Project option 
  4. Next will be in the page editing, just select the video you will edit with click Media as illustratedclick Media
  5. Then the video storage will be directed, just select the video. After that, the video will automatically enter the timeline. If you already click the checkmark in the upper right corner
  6. If the video is loaded, click on the minute the video will be cut, by sliding right and left on the video.
  7. Click the video until the yellow border appears on the video frame. If you have to click the scissors image iconclick the scissors image icon
  8. Then select the Share menu in the Playhead followed by clicking the checkmark in the upper right corner
  9. Now the video has been cut into 2 parts. If you want to cut and remove unnecessary parts on the video, just do the same thing
  10. If it is sufficient, then you can click the checkmark again in the upper right corner
  11. For the next step, you can follow as shown below or you can add your own creations.
upper right corner

Caption :

  • Add transition effects
  • Select the type of transition effect you like
  • Add a slide model for the selected transition
  • Set the effect sooner or later appear
  • Click the checkmark, if the process is complete

At this stage, you have successfully completed the video editing stage. You can check the editing results by clicking the Play icon as shown below.

If it feels good enough and accordingly you can immediately save it to the gallery by clicking Save Video to Gallery. Then select the required resolution

kinemaster pro apk

The Final Word:

So, friends, This was how to cut videos using the Kinemaster Pro application.

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