How To Check If Your Contents Have Been Copied & Published Online


How To Check If Your Contents Have Been Copied & Published Online – If you are a content writer and always concern to know whether someone has copied and published your content online then there is an amazing tool from which you can check and make sure if someone has copied your content or not.

How To Check If Your Contents Have Been Copied & Published Online

Content copying and publishing are very common issues as the internet is so vast and you can’t keep track of everyone who can steal your content and published it on their own website.  however, this is a big problem as the content is made with lots of efforts and it’s your property.

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You have taken a month to create that amazing content and how someone can copy it very easily so you have to find ways to know if someone has copied your content or not.

Coping and publish someone’s content on your blog and website is not less than a crime because someone can easily sue you for copying their content. The coping of content is termed as plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the wrong publication of someone else “thoughts, idea, content” and shows someone else works as your own. It is considered as the dishonesty.

The problem to bloggers & writers due to plagiarism?

the new blogger who does not have any idea of plagiarism. They start a new blog where they don’t create their own post instead they just copy-paste the content from others website or blog and publish it on their blog in hope to earn some money.

but they don’t understand that it is of no use because Google’s algorithm automatically detects the duplicate content and mark that post as hidden by the bot so that it cannot be discoverable by people so they can be safe from fake contents.

Now the problem is also caused to the rightful owner of the content as the Google bot cant make difference in the original and duplicate so it blocks the original content from indexing also. This creates a huge problem for the owner as he has made that content with so much of efforts and if nobody can read it then what is the use.

And the problem caused to the writer is when they hire a writer to write content for them but usually, a new writer just copy-paste or spin the article and deliver it to you and if you will post this content then what will happen you already know. So it is necessary to check for the duplicate content before publishing any content.

What is the best plagiarism checker?

There are many plagiarism checkers you can use but most of them are not accurate and also gives false plagiarism result this can lead you to believe that your content is original but when the client will check it with another plagiarism then he may find it some other result so it is better to use only genuine plagiarism checker only.

The most widely used plagiarism checker is Grammarly.  Grammarly is an AI writing assistant which will help you in writing anything professionally and accurately. The software also provides the feature of plagiarism checker.

It is considered as the best and accurate plagiarism checker. The results will describe what the percentage of plagiarism is of your content and will also point out which of the sentence is plagiarised with the link to the original content.

Grammarly’s benefits

Grammarly has other features also other than checking for plagiarism contents. Grammarly is designed to guide anyone who is not fluent or does silly mistakes in writing anything to be it email, articles, official letters, etc.

In these documents, the writing should be accurate and error-free so here Grammarly provides a helping hand to them.

It finds any kind of grammatical, punctuation, voices, spelling mistakes and gives you the correct suggestion of that word so you can easily rectify your mistakes and make the document professionally written.

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It is not just for content writer and bloggers, anyone who does have to write important documents or have to send official emails can use Grammarly as the English teacher. After it, you don’t have to look for the silly mistakes and waste your so much time in finding it out. Optimize 10 Things on Your Content!

Grammarly is also now used by students in huge number to make their essays, projects more professional and also to make the content plagiarised free.

Seeing this Grammarly provides the discount for students founded at Blogging Scout so they don’t have to worry about the expensive membership. Other than this any school or organization can also take the membership in bulk with the great discount.

Grammarly is available in different packages the free, premium and business where you can choose whichever suits your need. the free version is good if you just want the basic features which are to correct only grammatical errors in the content while if you want to use other features then you need to purchase one of the other paid packages.

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The Final Word:

So friends, Through the article, you have realized why it is very important to check for plagiarized content before publishing it online and not to use any free plagiarism check otherwise you will be in the wrong impression and will have to pay for it later.

So it is better to use the trusted and accurate plagiarism checker like Grammarly. If you are serious about writing professional contents then I recommend you to use Grammarly because it is the best tool for anyone who writes. This article is also corrected with the help of Grammarly only.

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