How to Activate IDM in Chrome: Just Drag and Drop


Today I will give tips on how to activate IDM in Chrome. For those of you who are still confused about why IDM doesn’t appear in your Chrome, please pay attention to the following tips!

How to Activate IDM in Chrome Step By Step

How to Activate IDM in Chrome Just Drag and Drop

To be able to add IDM to Google Chrome, you need to add Extension or Add Ounces to Chrome. The problem is, to install IDM Extension on Google Chrome, the way is a little different. Following are the steps on how to activate IDM in Google Chrome:

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The 8 steps to activate IDM in Chrome

Make sure you have updated the latest version of IDM so you can activate IDM in Google Chrome, if you don’t have an updated version, I will provide the download link:

If you have updated IDM, here are the steps you must do.

Step 1: click on the three-point menu in Google Chrome as shown below.
click on the three-point menu in Google Chrome
Step 2: select the More Tools menu then Extensions.
More Tools menu then Extensions.
Step 3: let the Extension tab open because it will be used to the next stage to add IDM extensions in Chrome.
Step 4: open My Computer, then Local Disk C and look for Program Files or Program Files (x86). This is done to find the folder where IDM is installed. Usually, the IDM installation folder is in the Program Files (x86) folder.
Program Files
Step 5: open the Internet Download Manager folder in the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder.
Internet Download Manager
Step 6: search for files with the name IDMGCExt.crx or IDMGCExt, then open the Extensions tab in Google Chrome that has been opened before, then drag or drag and drop the file to the Google Chrome Extension page.
how to activate-idm-chrome 6
Step 7: if a warning appears at the bottom left of the screen, select Continue.
how to idm-chrome 7
Step 8: Done! Now you can enjoy various benefits of IDM, such as being able to download YouTube videos directly.
how to activate-idm-chrome 8


Thus I discussion about How to Activate IDM in Chrome. Hopefully, this article helps those of you who are still confused about IDM not appearing in the Google Chrome browser. Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks.


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