Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows 2019


Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows – you can make videos by including some important highlights from a game or sport. In most of the software that I will share, you can find two common elements namely the Text and Slowmotion Effect to slow down shots or important game moments.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows

By using this software, you will be able to add text and reduce the speed of the video to emphasize certain moments. Plus, many video editing tools such as Merge, Split, Video Cutter, Duplicate, Resolution Changer, etc., are also available.

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In addition, you can also find various other features such as Video Effects, Video Filters, Color Grading, etc.

Some of this software may be difficult to operate because of various tools and features. However, I have provided all the steps needed to make standard video highlights through this software.

This software is also quite flexible and supports various video formats. Some of the video formats supported are MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, and more.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows


HITFILM EXPRESS is a free video highlight maker software for Windows. This is a great video editing software that can also be used to make video footage.

By using it, you can highlight several minutes using the entire video of the game. In addition, it also allows you to add text and slow down parts of the video to create highlight videos.

Software To Make Free Video Highlights For WindowsBesides making highlight videos, you can also use them to make video games, movies, vlogs, etc.

Plus, various important editing features such as Video Cutter, Splitter, Merger, Video Filters, Video Effects, Color Balance Changer, and many more are also available in it.

How to highlight the video using HITFILM EXPRESS:

1. Launch HITFILM and click on the New Button.
2. The project settings page will open where you can manage video resolution, frame rate, audio sample rate, antialiasing, etc. After setting these parameters, press the Start Editing button.

3. Now, the Edit Tab will open which contains three subsections called tools, editors, and viewers. Select tools and import one or more videos by pressing the Import button.
3. Thumbnails of imported videos will be added to the tools section. Drag and drop all clips or videos above the editor’s timeline.
4. Now, use the Slice Tool and cut the important clips from various videos and delete all parts of the video that are not being used.
5. After that, select the Rate Stretch Tool and select the important parts of the video that you want to slow down.

6. Finally, hold and drag one side of the selected part past the timeline to slow down the video. Similarly, you can choose and slow down other important parts of the video.
7. Now to add text, first, create a new Composite Shot by entering the New option.
8. After that, you can see the Text icon in the editor interface; click and add the text you want to display. The newly created Composite Shot will automatically add to the media section
9. Now, open the Editor section again and drag and place the composite layer shot into the timeline to add text to the video.
10. After completing the video, preview and then go to the Export and export video tab in the format of MPEG, AVI, MP4, etc.


The shortcut is a free open source video highlighting software for Windows. Using this software, you can easily add text and slow down important parts of the video easily.

In it, you can also find many handy filters, video effects, editing tools, etc., to make various types of videos.

In the interface, you also get the Preview player to see all changes in real-time. this software also supports various video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, WebM, etc.

Now, let’s look at the process of adding text to a video. To do that, first, import one or more video parts into this software.

After that, open the Filter section and add a text filter. Soon, you can see some text on the video. Now, first, select the part of the video that you want to add text to and then write text in the text field to add text to the video.

Software To Make Free Video Highlights For WindowsSimilar to adding text, the process of slowing down a video is also quite simple.
1. First, import one or more videos to this software.
2. After that, select and cut the part of the video you want to slow down using the Split At Playhead tool.
3. Now, open the Properties section and reduce the playback speed by reducing the Field speed values.
4. Finally, set all clips in the correct order and preview the player default.
5. After completing the video, open the Export and export video section in MPEG, WMV, WebM, HECV, etc.

Download the shortcut from the official website 


Lightworks is another free video trailer software for Windows. This is also quite popular among professionals for editing videos.

Many popular films are edited through this software. Lightworks is suitable for small YouTube, Facebook videos and for 4K film projects.

Its ability to handle videos with various video formats (MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.) is another advantage of this software.

By using this software, you can add text to the video and also slow down certain parts of the video to make a good highlight video.

Software To Make Free Video Highlights For Windows

How to make video footage using Lightworks:

1. Launch this software and create a new project. Then set the frame rate and project name. After that press OK.
2. After that, add the video folder, select the video, and place the video file into the timeline.
3. Now, cut or slice the part of the video that you want to add text to or reduce the playback speed using the mark and slice tool.
4. To add text, open the VFX Section and press the Add New Effects button and select the Effect title.
5. Enter the text you want in the selected video section.
6. Now, to slow down the video section, right-click on the timeline and select Seed Tool and reduce the value from 100% to 75%, 50%, or 25%.
7. After the video snippet is finished, you can see it in the Preview Player. To export a video, right-click on the preview player and select the Export option.

Overall, this is a very good video capture software, but this free version has the disadvantage of only exporting videos in MP4 format.

Download Lightworks from the official site


If you are interested in a free non-linear video editing program, the best variant will be VSDC.

It has only one disadvantage – the user interface. You will have to spend some time to become accustomed to it.

Apparently, the creators focus on the functionality of the program over its design.

However, if you take into consideration multiple free functions that it offers, this shortcoming is forgivable.

With VSDC, you can adjust layers, put a few objects in one frame, overlay one object on another, combine colors and fragments using transparency settings, etc.

How to remove the sound in a video in VSDC

In order to remove the sound of your video, here’s what you can do:

  • Right-click on the video
  • Select “Properties” on the menu
  • Move to the opened “Properties” window on the right
  • Scroll down until you find “Audio track”
  • Choose the “Don’t use audio” option

Also, you can click on the “Split to video and audio” button which you can see in the “Properties” window. When the audio is detached on the timeline, simply delete it.


Based on my personal experience, I can say that Blender offers the most similar 3D video editing features to expensive programs.

Usually, this open-source software is used as a substitution to After Effects to create animation models, different renders, perform mapping, screening and more.

In addition to this, Blender allows you to carry out non-linear video editing, create 3D apps, imitate the way liquid, solid, and fabric materials behave.

Many professionals claim Blender to be the greatest free video editing software that can be used even for serious commercial tasks. This program doesn’t only provide the same functions as an expensive 3D editor, it offers them for free!

How to render your video to a file

First of all, we have to open the “Properties” window. We can either open a new window or reorient the one that already exists.

Because we aren’t working with a graphics editor, I will reorient it. Click the window icon and choose “Properties” as shown here:

What we are going to do now is to adjust the dimensions. Since we are outputting at 1080P, we will use this value by default. Dropdown dimensions and select HDTV 1080p.

However, in my case, the source video and the result I want to get is 30FPS instead of 24. That’s why we will change it next. Dropdown FrameRate and choose 30:

After that, we need to scroll down to the “Output”, select the output place and format:

In this example, I will select H.264.

The next step is to scroll down and extend the encoding section. This will fully depend on your PC, installed codes and what you want to achieve.

Eventually, I am going to upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo that both will re-encode in any case, so I will encode at a rather high level.

Bitrate will define size VS quality. Also, it will not encode a video by default, that’s why you have to make sure to choose an audio codec if you want to have the audio encoded.

If you choose audio incompatible to the video codec, you will get an error when attempting tries to render. These are the settings that I used:

Now it’s time to output the video. Scroll back and click “Animation”:

After this, Blender will be in a process of video creation. If you work with Windows 7, the progress bar will be updated over the Blender application icon. Press ESC if you want to cancel the render.

DaVinci Resolve

Despite those disadvantages, it’s still considered to be the best video editing software free.

DaVinci Resolve is an upgraded professional video editing software. It focuses on post-production and offers plenty of tools for customizing images and sound.

The free version of this program is a little limited but a normal user is not likely to notice it. Among these limitations, there are lower 4K definition, lack of cooperative customer support and watermarks on some of the filters.

Even though it has some cons, it’s still one of the best free video editing programs.

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VideoPad is another free video trailer software for Windows. By using it, you can add text, filters, effects, etc.

On video easily. Plus, it’s also quite easy to slow down the important parts of the video through this software, which is an important aspect of making video highlights.

Software To Make Free Video Highlights For Windows

In this software, you also get a lot of video effects, such as movement & transformation, mixing, color correction, artistic, etc.

Plus, all the editing tools and features needed are also in it. The interface also looks like an ordinary video editor where you get a timeline at the bottom, a preview window, a file section for adding audio and video.

Another great property of this software is its ability to support various video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, and more.

How to make a highlight video using VideoPad:

1. Add a video by going to the File> Add Files option. All videos added will appear in the video file section.
2. Put the video into the timeline.
3. Now, select the part of the video and press the Split Tool option to make a separation. Similarly, choose another part and make another split.
4. Now, you can add text and slow down the part of the video you are sharing.
5. To add text, open Effects> Text Effects and select the text styles from the various available and enter the text of your choice that you want to display on the video.
6. On the Effect tab, you also get a Speed Change tool that is used to manually adjust the video speed to slow down the video.
7. You can now manage all parts of the video using the Timeline to complete the trailer video.
8. In the end, preview the video and export it using the tabExport in formats such as MP4, ASF, MPG, OGV, SWF, etc.

Note: this software is free only for non-commercial use.

Download VideoPad from the official website

The Final Word:

So, friends, this was Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows, software to make free highlights/video footage for the Windows OS.
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