How to Flash Samsung Galaxy J1 Smartphone


How to Flash Samsung Galaxy J1 Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy J1 released in February 2015 by Samsung Electronics is an Android smartphone that is equipped with a 1.2 GHz Dual Core CPU with Cortex-A7 and 512 RAM 4 GB of Storage Space.

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy J1 Smartphone


When you use a smartphone including Samsung Galaxy J1, not a few of you will experience problems. Many problems that you usually experience when using a smartphone, even the best type of smartphone is no exception.

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The most common thing is experiencing bootloop, which is commonly experienced by Android, for example on this type of Samsung.

So it is necessary to download Samsung J1 firmware for Samsung J1 smartphones to restore the smartphone to normal.

It is common knowledge for anyone who uses Samsung type J1 variant will experience the same thing, namely bootloop.

However, despite these weaknesses, this smartphone is still able to do heavy activities at this time and also its large capacity.

No need to worry about failure, because there are already many ways to deal with the problem.

One way that we will discuss below How to Flash the Samsung Galaxy J1. Previously let us see what are the benefits of the following cell phone flash.

Benefits of Flashing Your Mobile Phone

1. Restore Smartphones as before

Of course, this is desired by everyone, especially those who have been using smartphones for a long time. Certainly very unfortunate if the smartphone can not be used at all.

In addition to making smartphone performance faster, by doing flash you can also get better performance. Small problems can be overcome this way.

2. Eliminating Error in It

Certainly, you will experience this kind of thing, especially if you’ve been using a smartphone for more than 2 years. Which is the mobile work performance has begun to decline.

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Many disturbances can occur, one of which is slower performance than before, it hangs, or even restarts on its own. By doing a flash on your smartphone, this can be removed and the performance of the cell phone can be even better …

3. Removing Viruses

As is well known that the emergence of a virus on a smartphone will actually interfere with the activity and performance of mobile phones. It can even cause your private data to be in danger of being lost or damaged.

The emergence of viruses when we go online for the purpose of finding information or other important things, or also when looking for entertainment. The appearance of this virus can be of various kinds, for example when you download something from an obscure source and so on.

Step – Step Flash Samsung Galaxy J1

1. Ingredients

Before you flash, there are materials that you must prepare in advance, including:

  1. Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones, Download here
  2. Odin V3, download here
  3. Firmware Samsung J1, Download here

2. Flashing Steps

1. First of all, you can extract the Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones that you have previously downloaded which are then installed on a laptop or PC.


Extract Samsung USB Driver

2. Do not miss you also have to extract Odin V3 files and also Firmware for Samsung J1 that you downloaded earlier.


Odin Extract


Extract Samsung firmware

3. How to download is quite easy because it is no different from other ways. Next, turn off your cellphone and set aside a few moments to be sure.

4. Then enter the download mode menu by pressing the volume down, home, power simultaneously until the word “warning” appears.

Enter Download Mode

Enter Download Mode

5. You can press the top volume to select continue. It will automatically enter the download menu.

Downloading Mode

Downloading Mode

6. Connect the Samsung J1 phone to PC or laptop using a USB cable. Then, open Odin V3

7. Check Auto Reboot, F reset time and Nand Erase All.

How to Flash Odin Samsung

How to Flash Odin Samsung

8. Make sure the smartphone is detected by Odin with the appearance of a green labelled ID: COM.

Odin's COM ID

Odin’s COM ID

9. Press twice on the firmware that you downloaded earlier will automatically be loaded in Odin V3.

10. Press start to run the flashing process, wait a few moments.

11. The process will be completed if the word PASS appears.

Pass Odin

Pass Odin

In addition to being easy to do, these methods must also be easily understood by many people including you. The most important thing is that you have to download the Samsung J1 firmware first and then just follow the above method.

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The Final Word:

If you fail halfway, there is a still possibility of success of understanding each of the above methods. And repeat the steps in order and correct until they succeed.

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