Facebook Messenger Can Group Payment, Here’s How


Facebook Messenger Can Group Payment? Facebook introduced person-to-person payments in Messenger in early 2015, but today the company announced the feature is evolving as well to support groups.

Facebook Messenger Can Group Payment, Here's How

The Group Payment feature essentially works together in group chats as in private people, but now allows users to pay either everyone in the group or individual members through click the Payment icon (dollar sign).

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The Payment icon can be selected after the first click on the plus sign on the bottom left side of the group conversation.

This is another place, less used features like games, location sharing, up and more stored requests, a newly scrolled user interface that arrived with its debut Facebook Messenger assistant, earlier this month.

Facebook shows the new features to be useful for groups where every purchase is on people chipping, like group gifts, or paying restaurant bills.

This is an area where people today still tend to switch to a standalone payment service, such as PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash.

In addition to sending payments to other group members, you can request a payment from the right group in your chat.

To do so, enter the amount you want to request per person or the total amount to be shared evenly through the group, whether you include yourself in the calculation or not, Facebook says.

You can also add a note about what the money is for (eg “pizza party”) and press “Request” to send it to the group conversation.

A message will appear in the chat group to indicate who has paid. Their details are also available by viewing the Request Details on the full screen.

The service is free to use and does not require a password, Facebook noted.

Payment is a business area of Facebook that has not received much focus over the years, although the potential of social networks to collect data and store payments for a sizable user base, information that can then be used in other areas of Facebook, such as games or e-commerce, for example.

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But Facebook has been hesitant to fully recognize its ambition with payment, which says in the past with the Messenger payment launch that it “does not build business payments”. Instead, the goal is simply to make Messenger itself more useful, and therefore, more competitive with rivals, has been shown.

That continues today with the Facebook payment group not taking snippets.

However, Payment is an important feature of today’s messaging apps. Competitors Facebook Messenger, such as Snapchat and China WeChat already support in-app payments, and Kik detailed this month its intention to add payments as well to its own app.

This step to add a Payment group for Messenger is also present when Facebook has been rumored to be preparing the launch of digital business payment in other messaging applications, WhatsApp.

Active payment group starting today in the US This feature is available on Android and desktop.

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