2 Ways to Eliminate Red Lines in Word | Fast & Permanent


2 Ways to Eliminate Red Lines in Word | Fast & Permanent, When working on a task in Microsoft Word, have you ever seen wavy red or green lines in every word you type?

Jaka agreed, sometimes the red or green lines under the words were rather disturbing and even made them not focus on typing.

Even for some people, typing quickly becomes blocked because of the unclear lines.

Well, if you are confused about how to permanently remove the red line in Word, Jaka has a way out!

Below are tips on removing red lines in all Microsoft Word series, starting from MS.Word version 2006 to version 2019! Cekidot!


What is the Function of the Microsoft Word Red Line?

You still have not ngeh red stripe or green Jaka intention in this article?

Take a look at the picture below to equalize the perception of the red line that Jaka meant.

how to remove the red line in the word

Well, if we have one frequency, Jaka wants to explain what is the function of the two lines that we talked about from the beginning /

  • Red line

If you often see red lines in every word you type in Microsoft Word, then you are activating Check Spelling mode

Check Spelling itself is useful for checking every spelling of the word you type in MS. Word depending on what language you choose.

Generally, MS.Word will be more sensitive to check to spell from English. Although other languages may also be checked by MS.Word.

Actually, these red lines can help you who like typos so you become aware that you typo in writing a word.

  • Green Line

actually, this green line rarely appears in MS. Word, because its function is far more complex than the red line.

The green wave line that appears when you type in MS. Word is actually useful for checking the grammar or grammar of the sentence you type.

Although sometimes disturbing, actually this is the advantage of MS.Word as an office application.

If you are used to changing PDF files to Word, you will realize that PDF does not have an auto detect grammar feature like MS.Word.

But, if you really feel annoyed with these two wavy lines, Jaka will be happy to help you to delete them!

Easy Ways to Eliminate Red & Green Lines in Microsoft Word

There are at least two ways you can delete red lines in Word.

Both are very easy to do and it only takes seconds to do it.

The First Way: Through the Settings Menu

If you choose this method, you can delete the red line in Word, or delete the green line.

Following are the steps that you must follow

The first step: Enter the Settings Menu

how to remove green lines in ms word 2007
  • Open the file you want to delete the red line, then select the File menu in the upper left corner.

  • Next, just select the Options menu at the bottom.

The second step: Remove Auto Detect Spelling and Grammar

how to remove the red line in word 2016
  • Select the Proofing sub-menu on the left side of the Options menu.

  • Uncheck the Check Spelling as you type column to delete the red line in MS. Word

  • Or, uncheck the Mark grammar errors as you type column to delete the green line in MS. Word

Done! Now your red and green lines will disappear as soon as you delete the second check mark in that column.

Second Way: Through the Review Menu

In this way, specifically to remove the red line in Word at the same time delete the green line too.

Following are the steps:

how to remove green lines in ms word 2010
  • Block all sentences or you want to delete the red line. Or you can press ** Alt + A **

  • Select the Review menu that is in the top row of your Microsoft Word menu bar.

  • Next, select the Language menu then Set Language Proofing.

  • Uncheck the Do Not Check Spelling or Grammar column to delete the red line and the green line at MS.Word

Done! This second method is much easier and more efficient at removing the red line in Microsoft Word as well as the green line. here some attractive: Ways to Lock Folders in Windows 

In testing for this article, Infomint uses the 2016 version of Microsoft Office.

If you have a different version of Microsoft Office than Jaka, the steps are n’t that different

Please see the picture below to see more details:

Windows 2010

how to remove the red line Word2010

Photo source: articlebin.michaelmilette

Windows 2007

how to remove the Word2007 red line

Photo source: articlebin.michaelmilette

Windows 2003

how to remove Word2003 red line

Photo source: articlebin.michaelmilette

The final word

That was a tip from Infomint how to get rid of the red line in Word. I hope this useful for you, also share this article on social media and with your friends. Thank you.


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