Easy and Safe Ways to Update to MIUI 10, Exist?


Easy and Safe Ways to Update to MIUI 10, Exist?, As with other mobile phone development companies, Xiaomi always complements most of its mobile phones with customized Android systems, called MIUI.

MIUI or short for Mobile Internet (and Mission Impossible) User Interface is a special firmware developed by Xiaomi itself to the stock firmware of its devices, as well as alternative firmware for devices made by other vendors.

Unlike the original system of Android, customization of the MIUI system provides several advantages, including a simpler and easier to use interface, as well as several additional utilities in it.

Easy and Safe Ways to Update to MIUI 10, Exist?

With these advantages, MIUI’s updates are always awaited by fans. In this case, Xiaomi has announced its newest system, MIUI 10, on June 14, 2018.

Although until now Xiaomi’s latest system is still in beta testing, users have had the opportunity to try out some of the advantages of the system.

How to Update to MIUI 10 for Beta Tester Users

To taste how tasty the MIUI 10 system is, users can do it in several ways. A pretty much-used method is to manually install the system. here,s How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

However, we do not recommend this method especially for ordinary users and we will not review it, because it is quite risky to do so, where you have to open the bootloader and install TWRP custom recovery on the device.

The second way, you can install ROM recovery according to your device, which can be downloaded via the following download page and choose the Developer version. After that, you can install Recovery ROM via Xiaomi’s default System Updater.

In this case, you can place MIUI 10 Recovery ROM on the device memory or external memory, then go to Settings > About Phone > System Update, select three points in the top right corner, and choose Choose Update Packages.

Next, find the location where you saved the MIUI 10 Recovery ROM file, select the file and click OK, then select Erase and update, then wait for the reboot of your device to complete.

The third method is almost the same in a second way but only applies to those of you who use a device with the MIUI 9 beta system. You only need to enter the system update, then choose three points, and choose Download Update.

However, it should be noted, all of the above methods contain risks, where the user’s personal data, from the application, image, music, to video, will be erased. In addition, you also have to remember the registered MI account and password that you have.

The Easiest and Safest Way to Update MIUI 10

The easiest and safest way if your device doesn’t use the MIUI 9 beta system is to wait for the official OTA update from Xiaomi, and install it through the device’s system updater. 4 Ways to Backup the Xiaomi Device Data Not Missing

Especially for those of you who are really ordinary in the business of electronic devices, you should patiently wait for the official update, because surely the update will not be long, considering the development is already in beta testing.

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