How To Download Latest Zeotropic Pro Full Unlock Apk 2020


How To Download Latest Zeotropic Pro Full Unlock Apk – Zeotropic is the best photo editing application that you can use to make moving images.

Download The Latest Zeotropic Pro Full Unlock Apk

By using the Zoetropic photo editing application you give it the appearance of your photos much more alive. For example, it can be used to make clouds move.

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This photo editing application will apply a very fantastic image effect, also known as the Cinemagraph effect.

Download the Latest Zeotropic Pro Full Apk Application

Application NameZoetropic Mod Apk
UpdateMay 2019
Minimum OS4.0 and above
DeveloperZoemach Tecnologia

Download Zoetropic Pro MOD Apk Full Apk

Download the Old Version of Zoetropic Pro

Zeotropic Pro Application Features

  • Use the motion tool at every point you want to give life and direct the effect.
  • With the stabilizer tool that you have defined the point is not moved, avoid unwanted distortion. If three stabilization points are connected, a stable region will be created.
  • With the mask tool, you will determine the direction of the image area that will not have movement.

Latest Additional Features

  • There are no watermarks
  • Can undo/redo
  • Can crop photos as needed
  • There are no bugs because it’s been fixed
  • No ads appear
  • Support all android versions
  • Better size quality

The effect of the Zoetropic application is that the video is not in the form of jpg, png or other photo formats.

There are 2 kinds of Zoetropic applications, namely the free version (free) and also pro (premium) alias pay.

In Zoetropic free applications that have a standard feature, usually, there will be ads that appear.

Whereas for Zoetropic Pro full apk or paid will have more complete features and will be free from unnecessary advertisements that appear.

For that, the admin recommends using Zoetropic Pro which you can download via the download link provided above for free.

How to use the Zoetropic Full Apk application

  1. First, please download the Zoetropic Pro Apk application via the link provided above.
  2. Before you start editing by using this application, you should know all the menu functions in this zoetropic Pro application.
  3. When you open the zoetropic Pro application for the first time, you will be faced with a short tutorial on how to use this application.
  4. The first step to start editing photos is to select the NEW MEMORY menu and then select the photos you want to edit, you can directly take new photos from the camera or photos that are already in the gallery.
  5. At the top, there is a menu bar and several menu icons. On the far left menu is a navigation menu that contains many more menus
How to use the Zoetropic Full Apk application
  • Motion: function makes the effect of the image move but in one direction.
  • Sequence: function makes the image move in many directions, for example, the object or the water rotates.
  • Select: functions to mark the image that will be focused to be given the effect of motion or sequence or that you want to delete.
  • Zoom: functions to see even bigger images.
  • Mask: is the opposite of select which has a function to mark parts of the image so it does not get a moving effect
  • Erase: Erases the mark on the mask.

If you want to edit videos for social media needs, such as Vlog videos, content for Youtube and Instagram posts.
We recommend using the Vivavideo Pro Apk Without Watermark Free and is complete with a myriad of features.

How to Make a Moving Image with Zoetropic


Use the masking feature to select the image as a sign, so that the intended image doesn’t move.

Motion & Stabilize

In the picture above is editing photos so that the clouds move but, other objects remain stationary.

So the motion effect is given to the cloud object and the stabilizing effect on the mountain and also the sea.

To see the results please press the play icon.

Export Video

After the editing process is complete, you must export the video with the speed you want (fast or slow) with the resolution you want too (in this tutorial we use the ideal resolution).

At this stage, there will be two choices, namely export videos with the zeotropic logo as watermarks or without watermarks.

Click on the top-right menu and select the Save / Export menu.

If you use the free version there will be a Zeotropic watermark but if you use the pro version there is no watermark.

If you use the free Zeotropic application there will be a watermark on the editing results.

But the watermark will not exist if you use Zeotropic Pro.

After that, wait until the export process is complete and your editing results are ready to be uploaded on your social media.

Please download the Zeotropic Pro Apk application on the link provided above, then do photo editing with this application as creatively as possible.

Then you can share your work with your friends through social media.

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