How To Download WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk 2020


How to Download WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk – WhatsApp or we often call WA is a social media chat that will make it easy for users to send messages or calls quickly to other users.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk

Be it your own family, boyfriends, friends, business associates or other people who share a WhatsApp account.

The thing to note is that the person who will receive our message must also have installed the WhatsApp application on the smartphone they are using.

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You also need to know that people who can receive messages or calls from WA are people who also use WhatsApp also on the smartphone they use.

Download WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk Anti Block

How to download WhatsApp Plus?

For those of you who are interested and want to try it, just go ahead and download the latest WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk here for free.

NameWhatsApp Plus Anti Banned
Version7.35 (Base 2.19.150)
UpdateAugust 2020
DeveloperOfficial Plus

Download WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk v7.35

Alternative Link

Download WhatsApp Plus Old Version

How to Install WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk

  1. If you already use WhatsApp, you should first back up the data, then please delete the WhatsApp Application on your Android Phone.
  2. Download the WhatsApp Plus apk file via the diata download link
  3. Then go to settings then select security or security then check the Source option unknown source
  4. Install the WhatsApp Plus Apk file and wait for the process to finish.
  5. When it’s finished, WhatsApp Plus is ready to use.

WhatsApp Plus Anti Banned feature

  • The latest official WA base version 2.19.53
  • There are cool and funny stickers
  • Exclusive Sticker Plus App With More Than 80 Sticker Packs
  • No more exclusive Forwarding Tags for Others, even if you continue
  • The exclusive @ icon on the Home screen to easily find out where you are tagged
  • Exclusive Enhancement Option to Block Calls with/without Displaying Ring to Opp People
  • Exclusively Added a New Option for Selecting a Message Part
  • Activate Swipe To Reply
  • Group Calls Activated
  • Increased Forward Limits for Indian Users
  • Added Option to Set Duration for Notification of Revoked Messages
  • Add a Themed Stickers Tab
  • Hidden Chats Still Display on the Calls Tab
  • Fixed Square Photo
  • Fix Search in Themes
  • Remove All Ads From WhatsApp Plus
  • Remove All Pop-ups from WhatsApp Plus (Follow Us on Facebook – Follow Us on Twitter – Donate WhatsApp Plus)
  • Fix Some Bug and Application Crashing
  • The ability to copy a friend’s status
  • Ability to change application icons and notifications
  • Many Other Improvements

What’s New in WhatsApp Plus Anti Block

  • Stickers +: You can add an incredible Sticker Package to WhatsApp Plus.
  • Sticker Maker +: You can make and add your own stickers into WhatsApp Plus.
  • WhatsApp + Cleaner: You can easily delete and manage your WhatsApp Plus Data.
  • Add New Emoji
  • New Arrangement Design
  • New Launcher Icon
  • Add a New Notification Icon
  • Additional New Changelog Designs
  • There are New Options in Settings
  • You can call Participants in the group
  • Add Reply Personally when selecting messages in the Update Deutschland Translation group
  • Update Spanish Translation
  • Update Hindi Translation
  • Update Indonesian Translation
  • Update Italian Translation
  • Update Portuguese Translation
  • Update Russian Translation
  • Update Turkish Translation
  • Fix Stickers Added from the Google Play Application

The Latest WhatsApp Plus Privacy Features

WhatsApp Plus application is already equipped with quite a lot of privacy features, which provide comfort to its users.

With this privacy feature, you can control everything on WhatsApp Plus such as:

  • Hiding Online Status:  You can hide online status when you are open WA. So that other people will not know that you are online on WhatsApp, and you can use WhatsApp Plus freely.
  • Hide Blue Checklist:  You can hide the blue checklist for contacts or in chat groups when you have read the incoming message.
  • Hide Second Checklist:  You can hide two Checklist both for contact or in a group chat when you send a message
  • Hide Writing Alerts: You can hide “typing” or “typing” notifications when you are typing a message either in contact or in a chat group.
  • Hide Recording Status: You can hide the voice recording status for contacts and groups when you are recording voice
  • Hide Blue Microphone: You can hide the Blue Microphone mark for contacts and groups when you open a voice note
  • Hide Display Status: You can hide the display status for a contact (Your name will not appear if you have seen someone else’s story status)

WhatsApp Plus File Sharing

WhatsApp Plus does have many features, one of which is the file-sharing feature.

With this feature, you can send various types of files such as audio files, images, videos, and e-books.

In addition, the file you sent is still in its original size without being compressed.

  • Document Files: You can send document file types such as PDF, TXT, Document, APK, EXE with sizes that can reach 50MB.
  • Camera: Can be used to take photos or record videos directly through the application and produce files of good quality, and can directly send them to others
  • Gallery: Can send photos and videos in accordance with the original quality without compressing, the maximum size of the file that can be sent is 50 MB
  • Audio: Can send audio files either recording or music with a maximum size of 50MB
  • Location: Can directly share locations with just one click
  • Contacts: You will be easier to send contacts because you can choose and send many contacts at once in an easy way
  • Download WhatsApp Status of a friend or someone else

How do I update WhatsApp plus?

how to update WhatsApp plus is as follows:

  1. Open the WA application on your mobile
  2. Then select the 3 dot icon located at the top right
  3. After that several menus will appear, just select the GB settings
  4. Then select Update, continue with the Check for updates menu
  5. If there is an update to the latest version, then your WA will automatically download the latest update and can automatically be updated.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is a WhatsApp application that has been modified in such a way that it has additional features that are not owned by the official version of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Plus Apk allows us to send text messages, photos/images, videos, and also the location where we are.

You need to know, that the application that we will share in this post is a modified version of WhatsApp application.

So it has many interesting features such as themes and others.

By using the WhatsApp Plus application, you can do things that are not possible with the normal WhatsApp app.

Examples such as changing themes or colors and the most important thing of this application is that it has no ads.

So that you will not be disturbed by annoying ads that appear suddenly. In addition, there are still many other latest and interesting features.

Currently, WhatsApp is finished with almost all operating systems on the market

Like Android, iOS, Symbian and also do not miss Windows Phone.

So, you don’t need to worry if you will communicate with your friends without having to worry about the model of the smartphone they are using.

By using the WhatsApp application, it saves you the same expenses.

Because you can send messages and make calls for free and all you need is an internet quota.

With so many advantages offered, WhatsApp can be a sophisticated communication tool that can connect with the people closest to you.

Because on this site we will always provide updates on the WhatsApp Plus application on time.

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The Final Word:

So, Friends, This was an explanation of the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Mod 2020 complete along with the download link to how to install on the android smartphone that you are using.

Don’t forget to bookmark and always visit every day at because you will find the latest Technology Android games, Mod Apk, and apps ETC, that we will update every day.


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