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Download Latest Full Version Link2SD Plus Apk- Sometimes a smartphone will slow down or slow down, this kind of thing will definitely make users weary even to the point of being angry.

To overcome this problem, one way you can do this is by installing an application that can help speed up the performance of the smartphone itself.

Download Link2sd Plus

Applications that can be used to overcome such problems, one of which is to use the Link2SD Plus application.

Link2SD Plus is an application that functions to move application storage and data.

Which initially was in internal memory moved to external storage. And also move the data that is internal memory to another folder.

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The application will definitely be installed in internal memory, by moving it to the SD card it will definitely make the internal memory storage running easier, of course, your Android phone will be lighter.

Moreover, if the Android phone we use has a small internal storage space, then Link2SD Plus will be very helpful.

For example, when you install a game that has data or Obb stored in internal memory.

By using the Link2SD Plus application, you can transfer the game data to the External Memory / SD Card.

Of course, that kind of thing is very beneficial because we can manage application files as well as storage optimally without having to worry about running out of space on the internal memory.

We recommend using the Pro version of LIN2SD because in this version you will get all the premium features for free and the important thing is that the song has no annoying ads.

Link2sd Plus v.4.3.4 Full Version New APK

Link2sd Plus v.4.3.4 Full Version New APK

Link2sd Plus feature

  • Can move apk file links, dex and lib applications to External memory
  • Can link application data that previously existed in internal memory to external memory more easily
  • Can draw data files and OBB file applications and games to the memory card
  • The system application that contains dex files can be connected to the SD card
  • Automatic cache service
  • Can read and directly connect with newly installed applications or games
  • Can move applications to SD Card even though they were previously not supported to be moved.
  • Will display several applications that already support migrating to SD Card with natives2sd
  • Setting the location of the application installation by default is internal or external
  • You can uninstall or reinstall the application and can move from SD Card to mobile
  • There will be a notification when you successfully install a new application on the mobile
  • Can be used to remove bloatware (a useless default application)
  • Can freeze applications (applications that have been installed can be frozen as if they were not installed when they were installed)
  • Can Convert applications to user applications
  • Convert user applications to system applications
  • Integrating system applications “Updates” on the system (ROM)
  • Can directly delete data and cache applications
  • The clear batch cache of selected data and applications
  • Remove all cache applications once without being rooted
  • Can delete widget cache (with one-touch cache cleaner without root)
  • Can show information about whether the total cache size exceeds a certain size
  • Recovery manager includes power off, regular reboot, fast reboot (hot), reboot recovery, restart bootloader/download mode
  • Being able to reboot is just a click-through Rebooting the widget
  • Can read all the applications on the cell phone to the size of the link condition
  • There are several options for sorting applications in filtering
  • You can search for a specific application by typing in the name only
  • Can see detailed information about all data stored in internal memory, SD Card and SD Card partition 2
  • Can be used to share sending apps from Play Store or APK to friends
  • A shortcut can be created
  • Already supports 40 more languages

Download Link2SD Plus v4.3.4 Apk

Download Link2SD Plus v4.3.4 Apk
Latest Version

Link2SD Plus Application Info

  • Name: Link2SD Plus Apk
  • Version: 4.3.4
  • Size: 4MB
  • Minimum OS: 2.1 settings
  • Upload: Can reach 30MB

How to Install Link2SD

  1. Download the Link2SD Plus Apk on the link provided
  2. Then enter the Settings >> Security >> then check Unknown Source (Source not known)
  3. Install the Apk and wait for it to finish
  4. Open and Run the Application.

How to use Link2SD Plus

By using the Link2SD application, you can move applications that are on internal memory to external memory (SD Card).

Now the android application does have a large size, so it quickly makes the internal memory full. If you want to be full, you can guarantee that your Android phone will be slow.

In order to be able to move an application or game to external memory, there are a number of things that you must do first, namely the SDCard path to 2 parts.

One part for main storage and the other for storing application data with the ext2 format.

How Link2sd Plus works

  • Link2SD is able to make the SD Card become another internal storage segment and make it a secondary partition on external memory
  • You must use a non-FAT file system (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs) on your second partition. Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32, or exFAT) does not support ownership of UNIX files or permissions and damage the security of the application’s personal files.
  • Connect external data and micro SD applications and game folders
  • Connect the dex file from the SD Card system application
  • Auto clear cache service
  • Remove ads from Link2SD

How to Partition SD Card

For the first stage, we have to partition the SD Card so that later we have 2 types of partitions. This step is really really easy. But for those who have never been sure, it looks complicated.

The first step you have to do is create 2 types of partitions for the SD Card.

This stage is not difficult, but for those who have never done it, it will be difficult.

Connecting Partitions to Link2SD

Also, make sure that your Android has been rooted. This is one of the root uses, so link2sd can be maximal.

The main requirement for using Link2SD is root access. So make sure your smartphone has been uninstalled.

  • Download link2SD via the link above then install
  • Then open the Link2SD Plus application. Once open there will be an option to choose the priest to be mounted
  • Just choose ext2 then select OK
  • Then select Reboot Device
  • After your cellphone is back on, now is the time to move the application that you think must be transferred to the CArd SD to save internal memory
  • The method is quite easy, just follow it as shown in the picture below
Connecting Partitions to Link2SD
  • Next, select the Link To SD Card option
  • After that, check some options like below, then click OK
Link To SD Card

When it is finished, please use Link2SD Plus to use your mobile SD Card as partial storage of the embedded application or game data.

One of the advantages of moving applications using Link2SD plus is that you can move more than one application at a time simultaneously.

So you can move the application a lot in one click by marking which application to move first.

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In addition, using the Link2SD version of the application plus will be very different from the free version.

One of the advantages of Link2SD Plus is that you won’t see ads that appear when using this application.

However, to be able to install the Link2SD Plus application the Android smartphone that you use, the conditions must be rooted.

Lier OBB and external data

This application can make the SD Card as if it were an internal memory, so the data files and OBB files that are transferred to the external memory can be read, and the game can be managed smoothly.

That is the main advantage of Link2SD because everyone will need it, especially for those of you who like to install heavy games.

almost all games and applications currently have a large size, so that it will quickly consume space and cause internal memory to quickly fill up.

Applications that support to be moved will appear  “Linked -> SD card”  in the application list.

By using the Link2sd Plus application, you will get what you create, such as:

  • Application association
  • Root Access
  • Partition on the memory card

You must have two partitions on your SD card and both must be primary. The first FAT partition is your standard SD storage card.

Before you can move applications to external memory, you have to do 2 partitions first on your SD card.

The second partition on the sd card will be used for application files with the file system format ext2, f2fs ext3, ext4, or FAT.

In order to connect files with a private application, on the second partition, you must have to use system files other than FAT (ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs).

Because permission UNIX files and other properties are not supported by the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT) so that it can cause the safety of your applications and personal files to be unsafe,

Link2Sd Plus Patcher

Link2SD doesn’t create a second partition, you have to create it yourself. You can use the partition manager as MiniTool, Paragon, Easeus, etc. on Windows, Linux GParted built-in Disk Utility on Mac OS.

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The Final Word:

So, friends, This was How To Download Latest Full Version Link2SD Plus Apk the latest Full Version apk.

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