Download Camfrog Pro Mod Latest Full Version APK 2019


Download Camfrog Pro Mod Latest Full Version APK – Camfrog is a video chat application that supports various types of platforms and already has thousands and even millions of active communities in existing chat rooms.

Download Camfrog Pro Mod Latest Full Version APK

By using Camfrog, you can communicate by doing video chats with everyone in the Camfrog community, whether it’s an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Mac or PC user.

Most video chat applications available today have a system that is quite difficult if used to find other people to be invited to video chat.

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Making videos is fun because we can meet new people in all parts of the world, using the old version of Camfrog pro.

You can use the Camfrog application to find new chat rooms and active video chat rooms in the video chat menu. In addition, you can also create your own chat room.

If you want to enter into an active room it’s very easy, you just click on the name and see the rules applied in the chat room.

After successfully entering the room, in a short time, you can see all the activities in the room and can do video chat with ROM members from various regions.

Camfrog Pro has advanced features because you can see and hear and do more than one group video chat at the same time.

You also need to know that Camfrog was launched in 2003 in September. Although it is an old application, many people still use Camfrog services.

Because of the many advantages offered, so now we can try to find friends to do video chat with other users of Camfrog pro android apps around the world.

The latest Camfrog pro server apk has unlimited limits, so there will be no server error problems like the old version of Camfrog.

The mobile version of Camfrog Pro especially for Android has a more attractive appearance and features, one of which is that you can choose images to be used as profile photos of your account.

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By using Camfrog Pro android, you can send gifts or gifts to your friends and can also send a variety of funny sticker that is already in the newest features.

The developer intentionally created and improved each system in the latest update so that users can find friends to do a video chat in a simpler way.

Download Camfrog Pro v7.0.4.55 APK Full Version

The Camfrog pro application itself was popular first among PC users. This video chat application has its own appeal for users, especially adults.

But what we share this time is not Camfrog Pro for computers but Camfrog Pro Mod Apk for android and tablets.

Like Camfrog Pro on PC, Camfrog Pro apk on Android also has special features in making calls with free aliases.

For example, we are free to discuss up to 1000 ROM without limits and can also accommodate thousands of users.

By using Camfrog Pro mod apk there is one very important advantage that is you don’t need to get permission to be able to see other people’s chat ROMs.

Camfrog Pro Android feature

  • Join our thousands of chat rooms to chat videos with other people around the world.
  • Can convert videos privately with your friends, whether iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Mac or PC users.
  • Can add new friends and old friends to your Camfrog pro contact list.

In this post, admin will share the Camfrog pro apk download link with the fastest server without the confusing safe link.

You can download the Camfrog Pro apk for android for free on the link that we have provided below. Here’s the link.

Download Camfrog Pro v7.0.4.55 APK Full Version

Download Camfrog Pro Android v7.0.4.55 for free

Download Camfrog Pro 3.3.988 APK

Download Camfrog Pro v5.3.5315 Apk

Download here

Also, use Fun.Live Streaming application that is no less exciting and fun.

Application Info

NameCamfrog Pro
Requires Android4.0.3 and up
Current Version7.0.4.55
UpdatedApril 2019
DeveloperCamshare Inc.
InfoGoogle Play

How to Install Camfrog Pro Apk Android

  1. Download the latest Android Pro Camfrog at the link above
  2. Go to settings> Scurity> check on Unknown Source
  3. Install the Apk File that was downloaded earlier, wait until it’s finished
  4. Open and Run the Application

Get Started with Discussion Overview Video Camfrog pro-APK

You can easily chat with any Camfrog user.

Because a webcam that can be used on a computer really helps us do video chat and we can see anyone there.

Many users might not want to chat with someone who doesn’t have a webcam yet.

Start Video Chat with Android Camfrog Pro

To start a video chat, first, send an instant message to the person you want to invite to video chat.

You can do this by right-clicking on the nickname then selecting the Instant Messaging User option.

If you don’t know someone to send a message, you can access the user’s directory by clicking on the “Search for Camfrog users” icon in the application’s main window.

After sending a message to another user that shows that you have invited to do a video chat, you have to click on the “Call” icon located in the instant message window.

After other users receive your video chat invitation, then you will see each other through the cellphone screen and can immediately hear the sound.

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You can determine whether the other user is a man or woman through their status.

And you can also confirm whether they have a webcam or not with their icon in their IM window or in the user’s directory.

Accept Camfrog pro video chat android

When someone asks for a video chat, they will send an instant message stating that “Nickname requests a personal call. Will you accept? ”

Then you will click the “yes” hyperlink to accept and “no” if you do not receive.

If if you do not know the profile of another person, you can still find out by clicking the “Profile” icon in the instant message window or right-clicking on the nickname and selecting “View profile” to find out more about that user.

If a user sends you a rough instant message, you can block it by clicking “Block” in the Instant Message window and then giving them a bad comment by clicking on the sad face next to the place that says “Give Bad Reviews”.

If this user receives three bad feedback from different users, he will not be able to trust someone for a few minutes.

Ending Video Chat

To end the video chat, click the webcam icon “Hang up” at the top of the instant message window, or close the instant message window, or close your local video or video window to other users.

Configure Automatic Receipt for Video Chat Requests

To configure this option, go to the “Settings” menu in the “Camfrog” menu then select “IM & Chat”.

Then open the “Private Call & File Transfer” tab and select “Automatic reply” (not recommended) for incoming video calls or set passwords for incoming calls.

Now you can connect to your customers at home from other places to have a remote webcam. The above explanation is the same as how to open Camfrog 18+ Android.

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