How To Download The BIMA X Mod Apk Game 2020


How To Download The BIMA X Mod Apk GameSatria Heroes Bima X Mod Apkis an android game based on a very spectacular fight. This game already has graphics that are very amazing and has aspects of gameplay that are very exciting and also perfect for touch screens.

Download the BIMA X Mod Apk Game

Maybe there will be many who are familiar with this one game because it is very similar to other series such as Kamen Riders and Power Rangers.

In addition, this game is also the official program of the Indonesian TV series, Satria Garuda Bima-X.

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The Bima X Satria Heroes Game Offline Apk mod offers many options to change the game.

One of them is that you can choose one of the five levels of difficulty that already exist and adapt to the skills of each player.

You can also change graphic settings to improve the performance of this game on the device you are using.

Download the Satria Garuda BIMA Game X Mod Apk Offline

Game NameSatria Heroes Bima X Mod
ModOffline + Unlimited Money
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

How to Play Bima X Mod Offline

  • The method is quite easy and you only need to beat your opponent to KO by issuing a mainstay kick and also a deadly combo combination by pressing the Boxing, Kicking, and EX buttons.
  • You can also combine attack buttons with direction keys to issue special moves that are owned by each hero, and various other special moves.
  • The hero you use can issue special moves and abilities like those in the film. The method is also quite easy, you just need to press the SP button.
  • Make the strongest combo of your own findings.
How to Play Bima X Mod Offline

Bima X Mod Mod Apk Unlock All Character

Bima X Mod Apk has lots of modes. One of them is like a classic story mode to fight several enemies in a row.

And there is a mode versus that which allows you to fight with your friends with different devices using Bluetooth or WIFI.

Be the best in a single one mode!

In this mode, you can fight your favorite characters against the computer one by one. Choose from five difficulty levels: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, SUPER, and HYPER.

This game can be played by all android users whether it’s the one who cares for beginners or who is already an expert.

Versus Mode (Against Friends)

In this mode, you can play against your closest friends with different devices using Bluetooth or WiFi.

Use favorite characters and try to win 10,000 wins!

Challenge Mode

In this mode, this is more than just winning a fight. You browse maps and complete the challenges of each channel.

Every successful completion of your mission, your level will rise and the opportunity to get a new hero by defeating a formidable enemy.

Heroes Mode

In this mode, you have a mission to defeat opponents on the stage continuously.

The longer the enemy you face will be stronger. so you have to get a new hero and make it stronger by putting it on several items to make your hero have strong abilities too.

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In Heroes mode you have a great chance to get a new hero that is stronger, unique and has a special icon, like the one in the Satria heroes bima x series.

In this mode, you will fight against all the characters one by one against the computer that is in the old version of the Bima game.

What’s New in v1.14

Bugs that often appear in previous versions have been fixed, and there is an increase in gameplay so that the movement is smoother when it is playing.

This game presents a one-on-one battle with styles like those in other famous games, Tekken and Street Fighter, only in this game you can play a group of monsters.

Overall there are dozens of hero characters that you can play, including the main character and the villain. You also can choose the skin for each character you use.

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