Dominate The E-Commerce Market With Some Powerful Web Elements


Dominate The E-Commerce Market With Some Powerful Web Elements, A featured web application is in high demand due to the stiff competition in e-commerce business. When we take glance at the same service provider websites, almost all these websites look same, functions same and even make the same mistakes. It looks monotonous for the visitors, if you want success in your business, you have to make a unique website that attracts not just the customers, but also serves their needs which they are looking for. Following powerful web elements can help you in making the desired website:

Dominate The E-Commerce Market With Some Powerful Web Elements

  1. User Interface Design

Let your website visitors clearly notice what functions are available on your website. The user interface design helps your visitors to search the things with ease. Moreover, the proper layout must be done. F-shaped pattern and Z-shaped reading pattern is widely used as the visitors do not read thoroughly, they just skip the web content through subheads, bullet points and read only the first two paragraphs. Thus, try to focus on these areas in mind while designing a website

  1. Secure Your Web App With SSL

Customer’s privacy must be on the top priority while designing a web application. Million of financial transactions are taken place every day between websites and their users. Moreover, private information or venerable data are transmitted as well between them, which can easily be threatened.

You must maintain a high-security standard on your website by installing an SSL Certificate. It does not only protect the server-client communication from hackers but also help to build customer’s trust. With SSL technology, the common sensitive data like user IDs, passwords or credit card number is encrypted, which is transmitted between a Server and a browser.  You should install Comodo SSL Certificate that offers the highest levels of security to your website & customers with 256-bit encryption & 2048-bit signature. Moreover, it has 99.9% web & mobile browser compatibility.

  1. Mobile Friendly

In the era of mobile technology, Approx 65% of the user traffic comes through mobile applications. If you really want to stay in the competition and corner the market, your website should be mobile friendly as well as mobile optimized. Your sales revenue probably will increase with this feature.

  1. Call To Action

Call To Action is used to persuade clients to do some actions. It is a combination of words for instance:  “Write Now”, “Buy Now”, or “Click Here” that urges the website visitors to take an immediate action. Moreover, Call To Action is used to tell the next steps to the visitors for achieving something or making payments.

  1. Show Your Business Culture

The Culture differentiates your business from other businesses and also influences the customer’s final decision. You can show your culture on your website through storytelling, influential about us page, team photographs, describing social responsibility and last but not the least your social connections. It enhances the brand loyalty as well as raises the business profit.

  1. Load Time

This is the most important factor that impacts your website traffic. The Google recently stated that more than 40% users leave the webpage when the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. The average website loading time is 2 seconds. If your website takes only 1 sec to load, it will more likely to boost visitors on your e-commerce site.


  1. Show Your Pricing

Some sites do not show their product pricing or service charges on their site as being afraid of losing customers. Such sites are left immediately by the visitors. So, it is ideal to show your transparency in pricing that helps in holding customers on your site and make purchases. Moreover, you can show different pricing like discount offers, coupon codes and negotiate on bulk order. This not only attracts new customers on your website but also increases your sales.

  1. Images And Videos

Images play a vital role in alluring new clients toward a particular product. A picture or a video can speak millions of words in a few seconds that a monotonous content cannot do. You can use high-quality images, infographics, and videos for your brand promotion and connecting with your target audience.


Making a website is easy, but designing a website that puts a long-lasting impact on the visitor’s mind is a hard row to toe, but possible. You can develop your creative website and raise the performance level on various aspects by doing hard work and adopting above mentioned elements in your website.


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