How to Disable Smartscreen Filters in Windows 10


How to Disable SmartScreen Filters in Windows 10 – Smartscreen if interpreted in the Hindi language might become “Smart Screen” and it is a feature of Windows that is used to detect strange things that will occur on the system. Usually, it will show itself when there are malicious programs that users will run.

How to Disable Smartscreen Filters in Windows 10

Despite having good elements, but the Smartscreen feature is considered as a feature that makes privacy a little open to all files that have just entered the PC. And they chose to deactivate it.

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So every time there is a new file, whether it’s the result of a download in the browser or others, then the tool will immediately share and analyze the file information to the Microsoft system in a blink of an eye.

Disabling SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

This method will not make the computer vulnerable as long as the user continues to enable Firewall and antivirus protection. Because this only prevents the system from analyzing the important files that we have. Here are the procedures.

  1. Please go to Control Panel => System and Security => Security and Maintenance .
  2. Click on the menu called Change Windows SmartScreen Settings in the left area.Disabling SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10
  3. And to deactivate it, just select the Don’t do anything option (turn off Windows SmartScreen) then continue pressing the OK button.Disabling SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

After trying the method above, try to reopen the file if it is considered potentially malicious to the computer, surely the notification from SmartScreen is gone and will not appear again.

Don’t Forget to Disable It Also in Internet Explorer

Both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge also have a SmartScreen Filter feature that is used to prevent malicious sites that may interfere with the computer system.

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But in fact, it is too excessive because with today’s sophisticated antivirus can actually prevent it from happening. And one of the best solutions is to deactivate it. Check out the way below again.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools => Safety => Turn off / on SmartScreen Filter .Disabling SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10
  2. Then a dialog will appear and press once again Turn off SmartScreen Filter and continue by pressing the OK button.Disabling SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

If the user still doesn’t know more about the SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer. Please read on the Microsoft website. There is already explained what will happen when this feature is activated.

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The Final Word:

I understand that privacy is very important to protect, but by activating SmartScreen actually will not disturb anything except if the file that the user opens is always unable or notifications appear from this feature, and very clearly it is very disturbing.

If I choose to deactivate it because I feel I don’t really need the feature while there is an antivirus that is able to eradicate all kinds of new potentially dangerous files that are present on the computer.


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