The Fundamental Differences of Free and Paid Hosting


The Fundamental Differences of Free and Paid Hosting – Hosting is one of the components that need to be prepared in creating a website or self-hosting blog such as creating a self-hosting WordPress blog.

The Fundamental Differences of Free and Paid Hosting

Hosting is an online wardrobe that has a function to store all website data including text, images, files in the form of audio, video, etc. Because the function is quite fundamental, then the quality of hosting very need to be taken into account before we make a choice.

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There are two types of hosting, namely free hosting and the second hosting paid. Like the goods free or free, then both types of hosting has quite different quality. In this post, I will explain briefly the fundamental difference of free hosting and paid to host as its function as an online wardrobe that will give a big contribution to the stability of the performance of a website or blog.

For information, free hosting service providers are usually oriented to branding their paid products. By offering online data space for free, their brand will become more popular considering quite a lot of novice bloggers who are interested in free hosting services. Departing from providing free hosting services, the future providers will be more popular and technically their commercial brand will be boosted.

Quite a lot of free web hosting providers, both local and overseas providers. Some free web hosting abroad among them are,,,, and Meanwhile, for a fairly popular local provider. In addition, another free local hosting provider is which offers free hosting services without advertising.

In practice, the price is directly proportional to the quality, as well as hosting. And here are some basic differences between free hosting and hosting.

1: Free Hosting

The Fundamental Differences of Free and Paid Hosting

1. Loading ads

Because the orientation is for branding, then most of the free web hosting will not be separated from the ad frill.

2. Mini features

In general, every free web hosting has a feature that is quite limited. This is very reasonable because it is not the possible provider will provide the best service for free.

3. Many restrictions

This point is almost the same as point # 3, the provider will not be able to provide the best service without any feedback in the form of payment.

4. Bandwidth is very limited

Most free hosting providers limit bandwidth usage to ensure no one is asking for excessive bandwidth allocation.

5. Data storage capacity is very limited

We can be realistic, is a very reasonable condition if they limit the use of data. In addition to the allocation of funds, of course, they also want to capture more users.

6. Server stability is unreliable

The stability of the free web hosting server is far from the good word. A condition that is not surprising if you find the blogs that are hosted using free hosting are often inaccessible.

7. There is no guarantee your data & blog remain secure

This is one of the fundamental reasons why using free hosting is not recommended. Imagine, when you’ve posted so many articles than those articles just disappeared. Surely you will be very lost, right? After all, cybersecurity experts have long stated that. when a product is free, you are the product

8. No way you can create a class blog with free web hosting

From some facts above, it can be concluded that it is impossible we can build a blog that is able to generate profit when we choose free hosting.

2: Paid Hosting

The Fundamental Differences Of Free And Paid Hosting

1. Professional

Regardless of the design and content of your blog, by choosing paid hosting basically it already reflects the impression of your professionalism as a blogger.

2. Feature-rich

Paid hosting is powered by various features that will facilitate you in building a quality blog easily and more practical.

3. Unlimited or as needed

Depending on the provider of paid hosting you choose, you can choose unlimited hosting & unlimited bandwidth or adjust to your blog hosting needs level.

For clients who want to create a micro-niche blog, to save costs they can choose hosting plans limited data space according to the level of their micro-niche blog needs. And for big sites like news-based sites, they can use unlimited space & unlimited bandwidth.

4. Better server quality

Whichever web hosting you choose, as long as your choice is paid to host, then the quality of the server is definitely better than free hosting.

5. The stability of blog performance is more assured

If you are a beginner, and still in the learning stage and there is no intention to monetize your blog, then for the learning process you can just choose free hosting. However, for those of you who have been minded to earn money from blogs, then ideally you should use paid to host because the performance of your blog will be more secure.

6. The money guarantees are returned

This is one convenience that can be enjoyed if we use paid hosting. Most web hosting providers both local and overseas provide a money-back guarantee up to a certain time limit if the client decides not to use the hosting service provider concerned because they feel less satisfied with the service provided or for other logical reasons.

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