Complete SEO Bing Guide Can Be Applied To Your Site


Complete SEO Bing Guide, Often we optimize our blog just for Google, but behind it, in fact, we also need to do the optimization for other search engines such as bing and yahoo. Because after all, bing and yahoo can also be one source of great traffic for our blog. So it would be nice to use the search engine. Indeed many who provide Google SEO guides but rarely discuss the guide, SEO Bing. That’s why I want to review in this article.

Complete SEO Bing Guide Can Be Applied To Your Site

For my own blog getting traffic from both search engines, it is less than 2%. This means I do not optimize both search engines well. Though I’ve never seen any web that almost 80% of the source of traffic from Bing. This indicates that although the popularity of Bing-Yahoo not as good as Google, both still be an option for some people. Especially for Windows users who use the browser edge as the default browser, the search engine is definitely Bing.

According to data from Alexa, Yahoo also still holds good ratings. So you can also take advantage of this optimally by doing the optimization as in this guide SEO Bing this time.

You need to know, that if someone uses Bing, then he is also the same using Yahoo. Because the machine from Yahoo itself is from Bing. So if you can win the position on the main page Bing, then automatically in Yahoo too. Who crawls billions of web and trillions of articles is Bing, which rank also bing, yahoo live using the final result in displaying the results.

Actually, the complaints about some users and also the webmaster is the ability of robot explorers and also on ranking problems. It was practically slower than imagined. Especially when compared to Google, it will lose far, other than that sometimes crawl it comes at the wrong time, so if not submitted, it will be a very long time to appear. Especially for the new blog, then it will be many times longer.

It will make the result less relevant, so it makes users feel bored too. That’s one of the reasons why people prefer google over bing and yahoo.

On this occasion, I want to provide a complete SEO Bing guide that comes from Bing webmaster. So this really can be a reference and a reference, not a rumor is not clear.

Complete SEO Bing guide

Complete SEO Bing Guide Can Be Applied To Your Site

You need to know, sometimes google and bing it has the opposite of the displayed results. Because according to them each relevant meaning is different. So it could be Google rated prime, but in Bing in a very far rank or even vice versa. This is very often I meet.

Indeed, most of the tips provided are both the same, but after all, both have different algorithms work so the results will be different. So from that sometimes we will get many results that are really different between the two types of sites above.

To be able to win the search in both sites I think not as easy on Google. Blog or the web that already has high popularity it will be easy to win the competition, but if the new blog I think is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. So from that SEO Bing guide is hopefully can be a reference for us all.

1. Create content well

Good content is content that readers can read easily, but is also easy to find by search engines. If according to the source of bing webmasters own, the content we create must be clear, easy to find, and the content is deep then it will be preferred by the crawl of the search engine.

Good content is content that has navigation that allows visitors to read more articles in your blog. Blogs that are rich in content and have relevant information with each other will also get a good position in search engines later.

The ever-updated content is also the key to winning Bing. Because in some cases the article is made today is not necessarily tomorrow can still be read. Because the article created now, tomorrow can also be stale. So the freshness of the content is one of the things favored by Bing.

Bing does not like the web with poor content, too many ads, and webs redirected to another web. Content with repetitive keywords that annoys readers will also be a problem in the future. Therefore, you should avoid such a thing.

Structure in a content

In your own content structure you can use some of the following guidelines:

A) The title, make it relevant and clear
b) Meta description, this will give more meaning to the article itself
c) Attribute alt tag, you can give meaning to the picture
d) Tag h1, use on the blog title, not on the title of the article
e) Internal links, this will make it easy to navigate the site
f) External links, you must be careful to provide links to the web that may not be good
g) Content hierarchy, this is the content structure in an article from important to unimportant or otherwise
h) Navigation Such as breadcrumbs, site links and most will provide ease of visitor access

In making the content you also need to pay attention to the keyword. First of all, you have to do the reset yourself specifically for Bing do not use the Google keyword planner. But use the existing facilities for bing or yahoo. Keyword research is very important because it comes or not visitors are usually from there.

Also, avoid such duplicate content. Because not only Google who hate duplicates but Bing too. So make sure to make it unique. If you have to quote from other sources, try to link the source at the end of the page.

In addition, you also need to manage various types of error pages, redirects and so on.

2. Use the appropriate links

Not only set the permalink, but we have to manage and manage the existing links well, be it from internal links or backlinks. Because this is also an important part of the indexing. Because if the link does not match, then Bing will ignore the link and will not.

In addition, backlinks are also one of the important factors that will be one of the ranking factors of Bing itself. Bad backlinks will make the reputation decrease. In addition, links that come from link schemes, link farms, spammy links also if caught Bing will get a punishment that will be delisted or deindex for the page or the whole.

In creating links that are related to articles or often called internal links, we also need to make it into an anchor text that is clean and relevant. This means it does not disturb the scene but must be relevant. We also have to be careful when linking links from pages that are not relevant because this can endanger the blog itself.

Using canonical rails is also important. This is to help the search engines index. With rel = canonical this will show which links are original and which are not. So it will not be considered duplicate content.

In preparing permalink to try to use a concise and do not use a variety of things that are not needed. For example, that’s better than If you have been a long time blogger would already know about how to create a good and right permalink. Because in this ┬áSEO bring guide this time, I will not discuss further on this issue.

3. Improve positive social signal

Social signals become a marker for web or blog about how popular he is. Because after all, Bing crawl will also investigate and stay in various social media to get various info from around the web. In SEO bring the guide, also pay more attention to the role of social media for SEO. Therefore remember that the importance of social signal, you need to get a positive signal for your website.

Social signals can come from facebook, google plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and much more. Therefore, you need to optimize your web in some kind of social media. So in addition to getting a greater possibility to occupy the first page in search engines, visitors from social media will also bring in many visitors. Especially if it is done by using as optimal as possible, especially with articles that trigger viral.

In accordance with the explanation of the official webmaster guidelines of Bing also said that we should not do social signal schemes. So not only backlinks, but efforts to manipulate social media also needs to be considered. For example by buying follower and so forth. If it continues to be done, then the social signal will be ignored from the ranking signal in the search engine later on.

To optimize social media this is a bit difficult in my own opinion. Because if doing from the beginning, it will be very difficult to get results as expected. Large website sites to get 100 thousand like facebook fan page also take a moment. So how is it possible if the blog is new but already get a lot like. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this.

4. Understand how Bing works

By understanding what kind of bing indexing system, then you are expected to know how to be able to walk in harmony with it. With Bing telling about their robotic crawl index system, then we should use it well instead of an of a fool by attacking its weakness.

The system of indexing a search engine system, it is very complex. Yeah right, very complex. If Google itself in displaying relevant results using about 4 processes. But in one process itself, of course, there is already another part that works. Especially in displays using more than 200 factors, and each of those factors there is subfactors again.

Possibly, the indexing system and appearance of the results of this Bing is not as complicated as Google. But still complex. Because of that will create relevant results later. Therefore, you can use various things related to the workings of this bing system. By paying attention to what SEO factors affect it, then you can optimize it in accordance with the factors that exist.

5. Improve site performance and speed

Not just Google alone who care about the speed of the site. Bing is also very concerned about the speed of the site even a slow site also seems to be labeled on Google. Because after all, the speed of the site is one part of the convenience of visitor service.

In some cases, people will close and then return to the search engine if the blog has not been set within 5 seconds despite a smooth connection. This is also what I often feel, especially in the mobile display. Because this kind of blog will only spend more quotas than blogs that are lighter and faster loading.

Sure, the speed of a loading that depends not only on how the technology used in the theme or web template. For example, javascript, flash, and other rich media may be able to disrupt the speed of the site, but the speed of the server or hosting that you own yourself is also important. Because if the server is often down, then your blog will be slow despite having a clean and simple look.

You can measure the speed of a site using different types of gauges like GT Metrix, Google page speed insight and so on. With such tools also you can get help on how to fix your web loading. Because if it is left alone, it will make visitors do not feel at home in your blog.

In addition, Bing bots also do not like the slow web. A variety of rich media or slow loading navigation will also be overlooked by them. Therefore, you must implement various types of elements in the web elements that can provide the best experience for the reader. Always select the latest and lighter elements.

Or you can try to use the AMP project from Google. Reportedly, the blog will be faster up to 3 times if using AMP. You can use a plugin to make your website a valid AMP.

6. Use the webmaster’s tool bring the toolbox

This is a very important guide for SEO bring. Basically, every search engine provides a tool or tool for the webmasters or for the blog owners to better optimize the web to fit the search engine. Same thing with Bing that provides various tools that you can use for free.

In addition, you also need to register there, because with that you will get many facilities. Especially notices will be various things that concern the web, ranging from optimization advice, to notify will the threat of malware. I used to often get a notice about malware on my blog and they also gave me tips to get rid of it.

Actually not much difference between Google search console and bring toolbox this. So for those of you who are accustomed to optimizing through Google console, it will be easy to use this toolbox bing.

Features of the tools provided are also many, ranging from submitting URL, sitemap, mobile-friendly test, keyword research tool, fetch as bring boot, markup validator, site move, verify Bing bot tool, robot.txt, SEO Analyzer. In addition, there are some features of other features that also has many uses to better facilitate you in optimizing your blog or the web you have.

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It is very important for us to make the best possible later. So for those of you who have not signed up yet, then from now on you can register it and immediately optimize the blog web that you have. So for those of you who already have a Microsoft account, then you can get in and start using bing webmasters without having to register again.

The Final Word:

So, friends, That’s the discussion on the SEO bring guides I took from the official bing SEO guidelines page. InfoMint discussion of each point in this guide SEO being useful for us all.


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