Best Trick To Change JPG to PDF Image Files 2019


Best Trick To Change JPG to PDF Image Files Along with the rapid development of technology, changing the file format to another form is very easy to do, including to convert image format files to PDF.

Best Trick To Change JPG to PDF Image Files
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This is quite important to do, considering that when we use a scanning system to convert documents to digital form, the format of the scanning results is usually in the form of images, even though we often need to send documents in PDF format.

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Therefore, for those of you who do not know how to convert image files to PDF, you can follow the steps on how to change the JPG to PDF image file in the following review.

How to Change JPG Formats to PDF Image Files

  1. First of all, you need a PDF file editor application, in this case, I use Microsoft Word 2016
  2. Open the Microsoft Word application that you have
  3. Then select the Insert tab, and select Pictures in the Illustration section
  4. If File Explorer appears, find the location and select the image you want to export to PDF by tapping it twice
  5. Next set the image size and also adjust the page layout from Microsoft Word, whether it’s Landscape or Portrait
  6. When finished setting it up, click File in the upper left corner of the screen
  7. Then select Export and select the Create PDF / XPS Document button in the Create PDF / XPS Document menu
  8. Specify the PDF storage location, write the file name in the File name column and make sure Save as type shows PDF
  9. Last Click Publish

Actually, by using the steps above, you can not only convert JPG to PDF format images, but you can also change images that have other formats whose formats are also supported by Microsoft Word applications.

In addition, you can also use a writing editor application other than Microsoft Word to do this, one example you can use WPS Office that has a pretty similar appearance.

Of course, with this similar look, you can use it to convert image files to PDF with more or less similar steps, with differences in naming or the location of the buttons.

You can also use Smallpdf to do this. You only need to upload the image file you have to the page and download it in PDF format if it’s finished.

But for those of you who use a mobile device, you can use the CamScanner application to scan your important documents. You can use the application that is free in this application store to change the capture of the camera directly to PDF.

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The Final Word:

So, Friends, This was Best Trick To Change JPG to PDF Image Files, If you have any suggestions about this, then you must comment below.

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