Register Best 5 Free VPN Applications For Laptop or PC 2019


Register Best 5 Free VPN Applications For Laptop or PC, There are several things that cause us to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. One of the main reasons for using a VPN is to hide our location and hide our identity so that it is unknown.

Register Best 5 Free VPN Applications For Laptop or PC

Why do we have to hide our location and identity? There are several reasons why we need to hide our identity when doing activities online.

Surely you don’t want your online activities to be known and scrambled, especially in some parts of the world where surveillance from internet use is a serious problem.

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For example, just like disguising your identity so you can access sites that were previously inaccessible.

There are several video and television websites that use security to prevent visitors from certain countries. Well, the solution here you can use VPN software that is free and can be used to solve the problem.

On this occasion, I will give a review of the 5 best free pc VP applications in 2019. Now that the online crime is on the rise, criminals are now increasing their efforts to commit an online crime by inserting viruses into the internet by disguising themselves as malware as seemingly normal applications.

This also applies to mobile users where free VPN clients are very popular.

You also have to remember that VPN services cannot open the data on your PC. So if you encounter your device already infiltrated by malicious software and using a VPN is useless, then you can use an antivirus to overcome it.

Best 5 Free VPN Applications For Laptop or PC 2019

VPN is a sign of a Virtual Private Network which is a private (secure) connection between networks using a network that is connected to the Internet.

Virtual Network here means that the connected network is not real and only virtual.

Whereas for Private here means that this network is formed privately, not everyone can access the network so that the data sent will be safe and kept confidentially. Ok, go to the application list, please!

There are explained the advantages and rating of using VPN, you can choose the VPN that you think is the best and fastest to use.

1. TunnelBear


You can hide your identity by using the TunnelBear application. This application is the first best free VPN application I recommend. The advantages of the application are:

  • User-friendly
  • Both desktop and mobile clients
  • There are not many choices or settings
  • The number of servers is large and has more than 20 server locations and N / A IP addresses
  • Maximum devices supported by 5 enthusiasts

This TunnelBear application has a cute design, but you can get a VPN application for free. You can choose your subscription, there are free subscriptions and some are paid. The only drawback of this TunnelBear VPN application is that it is limited to 500MB of data traffic per month.

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So you will not be able to use this TunnelBear application forever without paying, but this application is perfect when you feel you need extra protection.

This application has a very impressive performance and is very easy to use. You don’t need to do the settings again when you want to use it, then the automatic connection option will work smoothly. You can also choose the country you want to use as your location.


2. Windscribe


Windscribe is a VPN application that recently came as a free service provider application. Although it’s free, this application provides very cheap data allowances and commitments to protect your privacy.

Not only that, but this VPN service from Windscribe also provides a bandwidth of 10GB for one month as a standard, you can also choose your location from the 8 available remote locations.

You just need to create a username and password that is used to register (an email address that is optional, but it might help you when you forget your password).

Windscribe does not store IP addresses, connection logs, or sites that you use.

When you connect to the server, then this application will save the username, VPN server that is currently connected and also the amount of data used, the data will be erased every three minutes when the session ends.

With a 10GB data visit, it’s certainly enough to make this free VPN service from Windscribe the best choice for those of you who need a VPN right? With this large data allowance, it will certainly be very sufficient for normal needs. But if it’s lacking, you can still improve it again!

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This wine scribe service will provide additional data of 5GB, you will get an additional 1GB every time you succeed in inviting your friends to join.

Additionally, for those of you who want to upgrade to the pro version by paying $ 7.5 / month, then you can get unlimited/unlimited packages and a large selection of VPN servers that you can use from various countries.


3. Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspot Shield Free

This Hotspot Shield Free application is one of the free VPN service providers that has been widely known by people and is the best choice in 2019.

By using this service, you will be able to use one of the 20 countries provided by this application. However, to enjoy this you have to pay because this is a feature of the Elite version, this also allows you to access whatever you want.

While for the free version you can only use the location selected by Hotspot Shield. This Hotspot Shield Free application will offer a choice where a free VPN will always be connected automatically when connected to a wireless network that is considered unsafe. Unfortunately, this service only offers 750MB per day.

Hotspot Shield Free

4. Speedify

Register 5 Free VPN Applications on the Best Laptop PC 2018

Speedify is one of the free VPN providers, ensuring your users get the benefits of encryption, internet connection with the best performance and the potential to connect an Ethernet connection with the 3G / 4G connection of the connected device.

In fact, if you have one type of connection, then the technology of turbocharging will be able to help internet connection faster when used for browsing.

Besides having good performance, Speedify also provides a clear login policy. This means Speedify doesn’t pay attention to your internet traffic. In addition, Speedy also offers the Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems so that they can access more than 30 existing VPN servers.

By using a free account from the VPN service provided by Speedify you will get a data quota of 4GB for the first month, while for the following months you only get a data quota of 1GB.


5. PrivateTunnel

Register 5 Free VPN Applications on the Best Laptop PC 2018

The last best PC VPN application that I recommend to you is PrivateTunnel. Just like other free VPN services, PrivateTunnel is available for various platforms such as Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS.

PrivateTunnel has a limited and free package apart from paid services. If you want to use the PrivateTunnel service at any time then I suggest you use the annual package with a $ 30 fee where you will get unlimited data.

As one of the best free VPN service providers, PrivateTunnel works well, although sometimes the connection is slow this application is very easy to use. Therefore you can consider this application if you are looking for a free VPN service for PC.


The Final Word:

Thus a brief review of the 5 best free VPN applications Pc or Laptop in 2019. You can use one of the 5 free VPN applications above so that when you are browsing on the internet you will be safer and can open sites that are blocked by the positive internet, hopefully useful.

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