The Benefits of Being Author And How To Market Our Posts


The Benefits of Being Author And How To Market Our Posts

What is the advantage of being a writer? Writing is another way for some people to pour out what they are feeling. It turns out to be able to gradually reduce the inner pressure of people who are feeling a problem but can not tell it to others.

Nevertheless, as the times and advancements in technology and commercial business began to take place, writing began to materialize for a business. So there are many advantages to being a writer, from which a book is created. From science, fiction, to school textbooks. Of course, many varieties when mentioned one – by one.

Lately, many people are interested in becoming writers. Whether it’s for blogs, writing short stories, or making novels. Of course, it is based on each of them. However, there are still many who have problems when writing.

As confused as to what to write, and where to start? In fact, if only the initial sentence has been met, then for the next course will flow by itself. As long as the theme is predetermined.

On the other hand, many people assume that someone who can write something interesting, it is because of talent. It is true! But talent alone is not enough! If there is no effort and development.

That is, even if someone already has the talent to write if he does not have the eagerness to write, then certainly he will not be a writer. Likewise, if the person does not develop his talent.

In other words, all those people could actually be writers. As long as the person is willing to try and keep learning to string up words.

Then, what is the advantage of being a writer?

Lots of people are less aware of the best potential of a writer. Because they think, writing is a very tedious job. And by writing, we can provide benefits for people who read it.

Yes, like writing about information, science knowledge, and so on. And of course, writing short stories or novels can also be an inspiration to others.

The proof, lately a lot of teenagers who try to make a story with his writing. This can be seen from the development of Indonesian bloggers, and of course, there are many books that are created children in India that can be found on the PlayStore.

In fact, there are also who have reaped much profit from his writing. Is not that a real proof and one of the advantages of being a writer, that writing is not a lowly job? But it is actually a very positive work and beneficial to others.

When asked about the merit of being a writer, is we can see the results of the famous book writers whose books continue to sell in the market. Is not that proven, that they have succeeded and made a lot of money just from the writing?

After all, writing is a very nice job. Because we can pour our imagination into our own writing. Moreover, writing makes us become smart and our conversation becomes rich in language. Because of course, the authors surely often seek reference sources for their writing. Well, a lot of profits to be a writer.

How to market our writing?

In this was of the internet, we should not have to worry about how we market our writing. Because of a lot of social media that we can make a place to put our writing and in reading people.

For the first step, do not think about income first. Because the important thing is, how can other people be interested in our writing? That is right? If we only think about money, then, believe me, we will never be able to produce it. Because it will always stop the street.

We can certainly take advantage of Facebook, Google Plus, or if necessary we create a blog. With so the writing that we make, can be marketed according to our wishes, without the need of approval from the print media or wait for a call from the publisher of the book.

If the move has been lived well and got a good response too, then one day we can think more. Where will our writing be taken? Will it be sold, or remain a hobby without income? It’s up to our own hearts. If you think it is worth to commercialize, then do it as an advantage to be a writer.

Because many writers who initially just fun, then after seeing the results of his writings potentially make a lot of money, then they immediately make a book and publish it in various bookstores. So deliver their name to become famous and successful as a writer.

Of course, it also needs a hard effort. Therefore, do not think about money first. But think about how other people are interested in our writing first. So that in time later, people who often read our writing will be willing to spend pocket for reading our writing later.

An alternative solution to market writing by creating an e-book

If you really want to have your own book, then make e-book is an alternative that you can do. In addition to easy to get, the e-book is also very easy to save.

After all, when you create an e-book, you can sell it on the PlayStore and earn profits to be an author of an income. It could also be sold on your site (based on your interests). Because by creating an e-book, you also do not bother looking for publishers and such.

Why should an e-book?

The answer to this question is because e-books have been lately enjoyed by book enthusiasts. Because as I said earlier, that e-book is easy to find, easy to get, and not complicated in carrying. Because everything is available on smartphones. And also e-books can be sold.

Of course, we can give our own price for our e-book. If buyers are interested, then they will pay. And most importantly, before doing that, try to have your readers loyal. In order for them to buy your e-book without hesitation.

How to make?

For how to create an e-book, there is no need for confusion. Because of the many software available on the internet. You just search through Google, then there will be many articles that discuss “how to create e-book”. And there, too, you can learn self-taught and based on the articles you read.

Once created, then you are able to sell it, or you just want to share it for free as a promotion event, it’s fine. Most importantly, show your potential for writing. And welcome all the criticism and suggestions from others. As the forerunner will form a strong mental again in the work.

In conclusion

Write it as a means to pour out what we are feeling. Because by writing, we can speak anything based on the content of the heart without anyone else hearing. Therefore, sometimes scientists write the formulation of the discovery so that others do not know, and also the poets always write the expression of his heart on a piece of paper as an expression of admiration on something and not have to express it with open spoken.

That way, we can also write down what we feel, or based on our imagination. So the creation of beautiful writing and very good to read. If someone has carried away his imagination because of our writing, then it is certain that person will admire our writing.

And someday, surely they will be curious to write what else? And in time, they will become loyal readers and continue to wait for our next work. So, do you want to keep writing? Or are you interested in becoming a writer after knowing some of the benefits of being a writer?

Also, share this article, and your experiences and opinions with in the comments field below.


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