Best Tips To Access Steam Screenshot Folder


I will discuss Best Tips To Access Steam Screenshot Folder, In any steam game, you can click the shortcut button (default is F12) to take screenshots of the screen in the current game. You can publish this screenshot on your Steam profile or upload it to other social media forums. However, sometimes you might face a problem because you can’t find the picture you took. There are two ways you can access these photos; one of them is accessing it through screenshot manager in steam and the other is accessing it through hard drive storage.

Method 1: (Screenshot Manager)

You can use your steam client to see all screenshots taken in the game using the Screenshot manager.

First, open your steam window. At the top left where all the drop-downs are, click [ view> screenshots ].

Best Tips To Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Using the Screenshot Manager, you can upload the desired image or delete it. You can also access the screen directly through your hard drive by clicking the [ show on disk ] button. There is also an option to permanently delete certain screenshots from your hard drive directly from here.

Best Tips To Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Method 2: (Accessing the Screenshot folder physically)

Each user has their own screenshot folder where all screenshots taken in the game are stored physically. This folder is located where your steam is currently installed. The default location is on Local C disk.

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Open your drive C: \ Programfiles (x86) \ Steam \ userdata \ 760 \ remote screenshot.

Screenshot folder physically

How do you find your SteamID?

If you don’t know your SteamID, you can access it by opening your Steam client. Click on the display and select settings. Go to the interface and you will find a box that reads the Display URL URL address when available. Check and save.


Now go to your Steam Profile and click View profile. The number at the end that is located in the URL is your SteamID and you can use it to search for the image you saved as described earlier.

Best Tips To Access Steam Screenshot Folder

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