6 Best Apps To Hide Photos And Videos on Android 2019


6 Best Apps To Hide Photos And Videos on Android – Most of us enjoy sharing a selfie, and family photos with our friends. It’s a shame, not intended-to-public-looking media that we want to keep private. Fortunately, some good Android apps are available to hide pictures and videos from prying eyes.

Best Apps To Hide Photos And Videos on Android
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This app offers features such as feed apps, stealth mode, PIN protection, and military-grade encryption technology to make sure your “valuable” media is not accessible to anyone.

1. Vault

This secure virtual can protect your photos, videos, and even apps. You can also store SMS, call logs, and contacts away from the eyes, thanks to a special “personal contact” feature that hides all your important stuff.

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Most importantly, this Vault protection password feature ensures all images and movies are kept hidden and locked in private. You can view photos and videos only after entering the correct passcode.

The premium version has nice features where apps take advantage of the front-facing camera of your device to take snaps of the intruders trying to see hidden photos. This feature can only be enabled on devices running Android 2.3 or higher.

There are many other features in the Premium version, including dome feed feature, cloud storage, and stealth mode where you can hide your Vault icon on your home screen. But I recommend downloading the free version of the photo and video protection is your main purpose.

In addition to media protection, there is a bonus feature like app lock, which allows you to password protect Android apps, as well as protection for SMS, call log, and Facebook messages.



2. Video Locker

A virtual locker for your videos, this free app secures your videos by moving them to a secret location on your device. The hidden media is then encrypted using advanced AES 128 encryption. This ensures total protection because the video cannot be found even if the intruder steals your SD card. They are locked, stored securely in some unknown location on your phone!

This app uses the secret PIN method to hide Media. You just need to type the passcode to see your hidden videos. Another great aspect of Video Locker is that apps can be made completely invisible and will not show up in the “recent apps” list.

It also has a special mode in which the auto-lock itself, If your device goes into sleep mode before you close the app. You can save your videos to folders and lock individual folders.

Video Locker is optimized for tablet PCs and has a very nice user interface. If you forget your PIN, the app will email you. The premium version removes all ads and has a special stealth mode that replaces apps with simple calculators.

You must download the free version if you do not want this feature. The premium version removes all ads and has a special stealth mode that replaces apps with simple calculators. You must download the free version if you do not want this feature.

The premium version removes all ads and has a special stealth mode that replaces apps with simple calculators. You must download the free version if you do not want this feature.

Video Locker

Video Locker

3. Hide It Pro

Your Snoopy friends will try their best to find photos and videos on your Android phone but will not find anything. That’s because all the media is kept hidden behind a non-malicious (and fully functional) audio player.

It’s your secret safe, and nobody will ever find it unless they long-press on the app. A single press only reveals the virtual volume buttons.

This app lets you place images and videos into different folders. You can then sort files or folders with names and multi-select the files you want to hide.

The app also has a slide and video player option that allows you to view the media without needing to unhide them and take them out of the app. Other features include screen lock options and encryption tools to protect and lock applications and files.

Hide It Pro

4. Vaulty

Vaulty offers a private gallery that hides media from the main gallery. After you’ve transferred your private photos and videos, simply lock the app using a PIN or text password.

What’s unique about this app is that it uses your front-facing camera phone to automatically take a picture of an intruder trying to peek in your secret gallery. This feature is available in a premium version of Vault but is completely free to use in Vaulty.

The app also lets you take a backup of hidden videos and images (though using this offer you’ll need to subscribe to the cloud app’s storage feature). The online backup is actually quite useful if your phone is lost or damaged. You can retrieve media for your new device.

Vaulty is a large personal image gallery, with a nice user interface. The hotel offers superb photo and video management features, including slideshows, photo editing, secret cameras, filters, and renamed images.


Vaulty5. AppLock

AppLock is commonly used for password-protecting SMS, contacts, apps, calls, and Gmail. But it can also hide photos and videos.

Just select a picture and type your PIN to lock them behind the PIN pad. You can see them only after entering the correct PIN. You can also hide the app icon, and then easily open it by typing a password on your dial pad.

And if you fear that your app might be deleted, then just password-protect via “advanced settings.” Someone will not be able to uninstall unless it locks in the correct password.

The free version only offers apps, videos, and photoprotection. The app uses less memory or power. Overall, it is a decent app,



6. Gallery Vault

Android Vault Gallery users can hide application icons and import media to a secure location established by the app. In other words, Gallery Vault offers a free stealth mode, another feature available only on paid apps.

Gallery Vault

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The Final Word:

This app has a simple user interface. All files are hidden by encrypted applications. Once you start the app by entering the correct passcode, you can browse all media within the app. The design of the browser media allows for photos and watch videos a smooth experience. Taking advantage of the phone’s accelerometer, this app offers a unique “shake” feature that lets you close apps immediately by simply shaking your phone.

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