6 Cool Android Mods that Don’t Require Root Your Phone

6 Cool Android Mods that Don’t Require Root Your Phone – how to make modifications to Android without the need for rooting? Although not much, there are some modifications without rooting that you can try on your Android smartphone. What are these modifications? The following is the discussion.
6 Cool Android Mods that Don't Require Root Your Phone

An Android smartphone is a device that is now very popular because of its features and benefits in our lives.

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Starting from when relaxing, while on a trip to activities in the workplace, we seem to be unable to escape from an Android smartphone. In addition, the embedded Android operating system also allows users to make various modifications if the existing features are not satisfactory.

Unfortunately, most of these modifications can only be done when the user is doing rooting on their Android smartphones. Of course, not all users want to do rooting because of the risk factor of losing the warranty.

Then, how to make modifications to Android without the need for rooting? Although not much, there are some modifications without rooting that you can try on your Android smartphone. What are these modifications? The following is the discussion.

Best 6 Advanced Android Modifications Can Be Done Without Root

1. Install the Google Now Card

Install the Google Now Card

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One interesting feature presented by Google on Android version 6.0 is the Google Now Card feature, which is a card application that will display various information such as weather applications, traffic conditions, match scores, and various other info instantly.

Of course, for those of you who use Android, the KitKat and Lollipop versions will definitely assume that this feature will not be available to you even though you can install this feature yourself on any Android version. You only need to install the Nova Launcher application and the Nova Google Companion application.

2. Install Custom ROM

Install Custom ROM

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If you are reluctant to root your smartphone, installing Custom ROM (aka TWRP) can be the right choice. With Custom ROM you can make various modifications to your Android smartphone.

Following are the steps to install TWRP via ADB :

  • Install the Android SDK (a package with the Android Debug Bridge) and activate USB Debugging in the Settings section then select Developer Options.

  • Download TWRP and open the folder where you saved the TWRP. the image file then runs CMD.

  • Connect your smartphone to the computer where you installed the Android SDK.

  • Then type the following commands in a row.

[code] ADB reboots bootloader [/ code]

[code] fastboot flash recovery twrp-2.8.xx-xxx.img [/ code]

In the code snippet above, make sure your TWRP image file name matches the name you typed in CMD, then ends the installation process by typing the following command:

[code] fastboot reboot [/ code]

Wait for the reboot process to finish, and now TWRP has been installed on your Android smartphone.

3. Do Full Back Up

Full Back Up with Helium

Photo: play.google.com

Doing back up the data your smartphone is certainly a thing that is very important in case if you are exposed to malware smartphone or missing. Well, of course, if you have done rooting, you can easily back up with various applications available such as Titanium Back Up.

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Then what if you don’t want to do rooting but still want to be able to do a full back up easily? Well, because you have installed TWRP, then you can try the application called Helium which is available in Playstore to do a full back up.

4. Change the Screen Resolution

One of the interesting things you can do with your Android smartphone and without needing rooting is to change the screen resolution of your Android smartphone. The methods are as follows:

  • Install the DPI Checker application first.

  • Install the Android SDK (a package with the Android Debug Bridge) and activate USB Debugging in the Settings section then select Developer Options.

  • Connect your smartphone to the computer and open CMD then type the command as shown below to change the resolution of your smartphone screen (change the resolution number at will between 480 to 1080).

Change Screen Resolution

Photo: androidpit.com

5. Turn off Bloatware


Photo: digitaltrends.com

Even though you can’t get rid of bloatware without root, you can still turn off bloatware that keeps running in the background of your Android system by accessing Settings then accessing the Apps section and selecting Disable.

You can also hide the bloatware by utilizing the ADB that you have installed together with the Android SDK. You only need to connect your smartphone to a computer that has ADB installed, then type the following command.

[code] ADB shell pm list packages [/ code]

[code] ADB shell pm hide [package name] [/ code]

6. Improve the Sound Quality of an Android Smartphone

Because you have installed TWRP, you can also improve the sound quality of your Android smartphone without root. How to? You only need to install a number of modified applications such as Ainur Nero and Viper4Android.

You can also try the application called Equalizer FX which is one of the best free equalizer applications in Playstore and certainly does not require root access.


Photo: play.google.com

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The Final Word:

So, friends, That’s was the 6 modification tricks that you can do without having to root your Android, Even if you don’t need root, you still need to install the Android SDK and ADB and Custom Recovery so that all the tricks above can be successful.

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