5 best online alternative to Photoshop


5 best online alternative to Photoshop, One of the most used programs for photo retouching in Photoshop, which today is the leading program in its sector. This means that when we learn to work with him, many do not want to change anymore. But what happens when we are working on another team that is not our usual team. Where do we go to do some basic retouching? That’s why it’s interesting to know online alternatives to Photoshop online. And it is that when an application we learn to use it well it costs us to change the way of doing things. This is one of the main reasons that exist when choosing a program. We can install some free alternatives in local, but they are not Photoshop and many think that if they have to learn again how to do things they are not worth it.

5 best online alternative to Photoshop

That is why many of the applications like Photoshop online for editing images are trying to be Photoshop clones so that the learning curve of the application is as low as possible, that is, the user who works with Photoshop has no problems when working with the online application. This will ensure a greater number of users of this suite will bet on them.


It is the official Adobe application for the treatment of online images. Among the advantages offered by this application is the basic edition of images. It is, as it could not be otherwise, a cut-out edition in terms of its functionalities but in this case, its greatest value is that it is provided by Adobe itself. We have two options to edit the photos, to cut, adjust the size or autocorrect the defects and others like the white balance in the settings or some more advanced. Then we have the decoration options that will allow us to create our vignettes, for example, from our photos, in a simple way or include some effect for them. It is one of the clone alternatives of Photoshop. We can create the image directly, upload it from our computer or enter the URL of the image that we need to Photoshop online. Regarding its operation, it is a better-focused tool for its work on the web, so it is lighter than the previous Photoshop. Com that in my opinion was very heavy when moving files, and executes modifications. However, with Sumo Paint, we do not have this problem doing the job in a very agile way.

Once the editing of the image is finished, we can download it directly to our team. It is not necessary to register and create an account to use it, but if we do we can save the image in our account, so we can have our images retouched directly in the cloud, downloading only when we need them.

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Sumo Paint

It is one of the most complete alternatives online and above all better raised when working with images in the cloud. Because it is logical to think that if we like photography it is likely that we have albums on Picasa, Flickr or Facebook among others, from which we can import photos to edit and retouch them on Photoshop online.

Another interesting option that allows us is the capture of images from our webcam so that it is possible to capture the image and edit it from the application itself. It is not necessary to register to edit, but if we want to take full advantage of the application is recommended, because when it comes to importing images from our web albums is necessary to be registered in the service.


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