13 Ways to Increase Your Traffic Through Search Engines


13 Ways to Increase Your Traffic Through Search Engines In An Ethical Way, If you have a good product, maybe not many people know if it is not promoted. Either through social media or SEO. You still need to get customers to your website – especially if you run e-commerce.

In this article, there are 13 ways to raise the rankings in Google, or can we call an effective way to raise the ranking through SEO. Here are his tips:

1. Focus on Long Tail Keywords

13 Ways To Increase Your Traffic Through Search Engines In An Ethical Way

If you are creating a new site, it must be very difficult to grab popular keywords quickly. It would be better if you write a lot of quality articles on very specific keywords rather than pursue keyword searching a lot. Another benefit that comes from staying focused with long tail keywords is usually those keywords can provide better conversion rates.

2. Consistent

13 Ways To Increase Your Traffic Through Search Engines In An Ethical Way

The longer your site is inside your business niche and producing quality online content, the more likely you are to get out in search results for all related keywords. Starting a blog and creating lots of articles is a good and good thing, but keeping those activities for years will be different from a month-old (or week’s) new blog.

3. Optimize Your Articles

There are three main things on your web page that should be optimized namely: Meta Title, description, and keywords. This is a simple thing and can be done when you publish content on your site. Indeed you definitely need time to do it every article published, but the benefits are great.

4. Do not Forget About Link Building (which is ethical)

Link building is the basis of off-page for search engine optimization. The best part is that links can be free you place anywhere. Try asking vendors, partners, press, clients, alma mater and other credible sources so you can embed keywords and hyperlinks back to your site for the keywords you’re targeting. If your source has a high page rank, you’ll see your ranking increase in less than two months.

5. Use the Google Keyword Tool (now Google Keyword Planner )

Use tools from Google to search for non-competitive long tail keywords. If you are in a competitive niche, this is the way you can start.

6. Give Value to Your Readers

If you want to improve your organic search from search engines, marketing content through guest posts is the fastest way to build huge traffic. You need to know that content marketing is about quality and not quantity. If you have bad content, people will not take the time to read or share it. Therefore, when writing content, always try to ask yourself if you (if it becomes a reader) will spend ten minutes reading it? Do I want to share it with others? If you think your content is ugly try to edit it again.

7. Do not Try to Outsmart Google

If you try to outsmart Google it might be temporary, but not a good strategy for the long term. To increase your organic search traffic, you must generate top-level content that is relevant to what your users might be looking for. Check out   Google Keyword Planner to make sure you’re using the right keywords.

8. Think of SEO as an Opportunity to Create Value

SEO is not a game. At least it’s not a game you can win in the long run if you think of it as a game. Create content that has value and Google will find your article worth searching for. Visitors are more likely to share content they enjoy to read and will be on your site longer, while bloggers, media and people in your industry can use your site as a reference, which means more organic links.

9. Lower Bounce Rate

There is one thing that search engine dislikes, which is a high bounce rate. Check your keywords, and try optimizing those pages to reduce your bounce rate. Search engines will love you for that.

10. Generate quality Content

Search engines will reward people and companies who create high-quality and consistent content in doing so. Things like author rank in Google+ will have a big effect on organic search results. Try not only to create content and publish it online but also to maximize the value of the content so that it can be well distributed across all distribution channels and have the opportunity to become viral.

11. Create a Corporate Blog to Increase SEO Traffic

SEO is king in organic search traffic. The more popular keywords in your niche, the more organic search that leads to your site. This includes too much text on the main page of your site that could be harmful to your site rather than making it good. It can also make it difficult for consumers to find the information they want. Instead of deleting it from your site, try to start a separate blog as additional SEO work. Use blogs to write about your niche, whether it’s construction, beauty or entertainment. Try to do keyword research to find out which phrases are trending in your industry and include them in blog posts.

12. Collaborate with Industry Experts as Leverage

Everyone likes opinions from experts. You will be surprised how easily you can convince industry leaders to contribute to making guest posts to your blog. They will have their own readers, and people will become familiar with your brand. Industry experts tend to produce content that has a value that will appeal to existing users and readers.

13. Create a Community

Answering questions from your community are very important to increase your website traffic from Google. You must be a trusted brand in your niche. If the community asks a lot of questions, of course, the question and answer process will provide high-quality content, valuable and useful. Google is very concerned about this. When you provide answers to your community questions, Google will improve your site’s ranking. You certainly also create loyalty in your community and rank well on Google at the same time. It is a win-win situation.



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