Best 13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity


Best 13 Digital Marketing Tools, that can improve work productivity can help you save time, so you can complete projects that have been set deadline.

Various tools that can improve work productivity also help you to get the balance of life between work and personal life.

So you remain a professional!

Not only that, these tools can help you to create an interesting presentation, allowing you to get a promotion!

And do not need to widen again in the opening, let’s peel the trap in the following paragraph!

Soon we start the discussion!

13 Tools That Can Increase Work Productivity

Actually, there are a lot of online tools that “scattered” everywhere if you take the time to search on Google, but not all the tools you find can be effective if it does not match the field of your work in the digital marketing world.

To help you, this article will screen 13 tools that can improve your work productivity.

1.  PDF to PPT Converter

Best 13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity [Easily]
Small PDF

Creating PowerPoint from scratch is pretty complicated, especially when you want to insert a PDF into a slide.

With this converter, you can turn PDFs into PowerPoint slides. Just upload the PDF and the file will be converted online.

If you are concerned about privacy, all the files you upload will be removed from the tool 1 hour after being converted.

PDF to PPT Converter

2. RFP Monkey

RFP Monkey
Tools Increase

This tool is a good automation solution and helps you in responding faster and better to RFP (request for proposal) or RFI (request for information).

This will assist you in reusing, merging, categorizing, even searching for data sources of knowledge which will then be processed into information for you.

You can track project tasks from team members and see the progress of RFP or RFI.

RFP Monkey

3.  Awesome Screenshots

 Awesome Screenshots
The easiest way to communicate with image

One of the tools that can improve your work productivity will help you to capture screenshots for all or part of the web page.

You can add annotations, put in comments, so sensitive information, save and organize images, get design feedback from your coworkers on screenshots.

You can also add this tool as an extension on your Chrome web browser.

Awesome Screenshots

4.  SnagIt


This website is similar to Awesome Screenshot, Snagit will help you to capture the image on the computer with a few clicks.

You can customize the screen you capture with markup tools. You can also create fast videos by recording your screen and then giving narration and tidying up.

Snagit is also accessible from Android and iOS with Fuse app, so you can send photos and videos from mobile to your Snagit editor.


5.  Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express
Pixlr Express

This online photo editor can help you to resize the size and cut the image through your web browser.

You can also apply quick fixes to images, add effects, and borders.

Pixlr Express

6.  Tomato Timer

13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Tomato timer

This mobile-friendly tool helps you take the time to take a break when you use the flexiblePomodoro technique, the time management method to break the work into the interval (usually 25 minutes to focus on work and 5 minutes for a short break).

With this timer, you can stop and reset the time, get notified on the desktop with audio notifications, and change the volume and sound alert.

If you want to organize and add more rest time in your workday, this is one of the tools that can increase your work productivity.

Tomato Timer

7.  Toggl

13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Track budget Negotiations

This tool is an application for time management. When you click the Toggle button, the time will start running and you can track the time it takes to complete various tasks.

You can do all this through your web browser or you can install it on the desktop.


8.  Rescue Time

13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Notable futures

Similar to Toggl, but this tool is more bell and its notifications. One of the tools that can increase the productivity of this work will show you how long your productive time in a day.

Not just daily, you will see when your best and worst time in weekly/monthly / yearly.

Live install on the desktop and then you can start men tracking your productive time.

Rescue Time

9.  Email Future

13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Email future

This tool will send you an email to yourself in the future. Whether it’s a half-hour reminder email or a message to yourself in 5 or 10 years.

It’s a great way to remind yourself of important days (like birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, when concerts will go on sale, decline projects) or remind you to buy something at the grocery store. here you can this article 5 Display Advertising Mistakes You Should Avoid for Ideal Campaign

You can send us useful links that you find on the internet or send emails about a list of goals you want to achieve in 5, 10, or 15 years from now.

Email Future


13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Trending list

We all love the list. There are some people like to create a list of things they favorite. If you are a blogger and you want to keep the list you create, this is one tool that can increase your work productivity.

This provides you with an interactive and compelling list format for your readers.

11.  Readability Score

13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Quality control for content

Want to know how well the legibility of your content is? This online calculator will help you to determine the level of ease of content in readability, with a scale of 0-100.

This tool will tell how many characters, syllables, a number of words, number of sentences, characters per word, syllables per word, and words per sentence.

Readability Score

12.  Graph of Social Media by Canva

13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Graph of Social Media by Canvas

You want to create cool graphics for on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram? If so, this tool is suitable for use!

In Canvas, you can access 100 layouts! Open Canvas, select a layout for a particular social media channel, upload your own image stock or from the stock image in the app, fix the image, edit the text, and then save.

Graph of Social Media by Canva

13.  Pablo by Buffer

13 Digital Marketing Tools to Increase Your Productivity
Pablo by Buffer

Similar to Canvas, Pablo is a tool that can increase your work productivity by creating images that engage in social media networks.

Then, you can share images via Twitter, Facebook or add them to your Buffer queue.

Pablo by Buffer

Which Do You Choose?

Okay, now we’ve reached the end of the article. Of the many tools that can increase your work productivity, approximately which do you use first?

Whatever you choose, at least you immediately practice it to test whether the tools fit your work style.


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