The 11 Best Android Compulsory After Root Applications 2019


The 11 Best Android Compulsory After Root Applications – For those of you, Android operating system users must be familiar with the term rooting.

Yes, Android is much liked and used by most smartphone users because this Android is an operating system that has open-source.

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That is if you use Android you can modify your smartphone. What is meant by this modification also varies? One of the most often done is to do rooting.

Once rooted, you can also enjoy a variety of applications after the root of Android that you will not be able to access if your cellphone is not rooted.

What are the cool Android root apps that you should have?
Smartphone users with the Android operating system often like to root their phones.

The reason is to be able to access or download applications that cannot be downloaded if your cellphone has not been downloaded.

That’s why root is an option even though after root there are consequences that must be faced.

But behind that, after your Android is rooted, you can enjoy cool apps that can only be used.

Well, what are the applications after root Android that must be cool on your smartphone? Next is the list.

Root Explorer

Root ExplorerIn the first application after root Android that must be on your cellphone is this root explorer application.

With this application, you can browse files on your mobile with full access rights.

With this application, you can edit, copy, move to create files.

This application is highly recommended, especially for those who like to manage files on the Android system. The simple and better appearance is also the main attraction.




This application is the right application for those of you who are looking for a solution to overcome the battery that runs out quickly because the applications on the mobile are constantly running.

The way these application works is to hibernate applications that you don’t want to use.

With this application, you can add your own list of applications that want to be governed when you don’t want to use it.

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That way applications that are not used will not run in the background so of course, it will save battery life.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup


Those of you who like to worry about your lost data and applications can try this application.

The main function of this application is to back up the application along with the data in it.

There is also an application restore feature that you can get in the full version of this application.

With this feature, you can restore the application, the data, or both at once. And there are many other advantages that you can enjoy using this application.




Many misunderstand this application because it says if this application can save on internet quota usage.

However, the truth is that this application works as a firewall which will determine what applications are allowed to access the internet or not.

That way, this application will prevent other applications on cellphones that are not desirable to use internet access. So, the use of internet quota will also be saved a little.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher


This application must also be on your Android after being uninstalled because it will provide patches on your Android application or system.

This patch application functions to licensing the applications you want.

By giving this license, you can get the full version of the application that was originally free.

Even more interesting, with this application you can also block annoying advertisements when running applications or accessing the internet.




This application will be very helpful especially for those of you who have a cellphone with small internal memory.

With this application, it will help enlarge your internal memory by creating a second partition.

Well, on the second partition, this is the application and application data that spend your storage space.

Then where does this second memory come from? Of course from external memory which is usually larger in size. That way you can install any application more freely.

Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator


The function of this application is the same as the terminal function on the Linux operating system. The way it works is by implementing several commands using the command line mode.

For example, you use the command ‘ping’ to check the connection to google DNS. There are more other android commands that you can try if you use this application.




There is an application that usually will automatically exist after you do rooting, namely Super User.

So is the SuperSU application which is a type of licensing application for root access.

The difference is, this application has a feature that is far more complete when compared to the default application. The UI used is also better than other applications.

In addition, you can also change the time to automatically reject applications that have just been installed.

APK Editor

Android root


The application serves to modify files on the Android APK. If you are a mid-level opener, you will definitely use this application to change the appearance of the android you are using by modifying the APK file.

Besides this application is also usually used to change the background of applications that have been installed before, such as changing the background appearance of the BBM application for example.


Android root


The next application that must be on your smartphone after being rooted is set CPU.

With this application, you can adjust the speed of the CPU clock on your android.

Besides that, you can also change the governor on your androids such as interactive, conservative, on-demand or something else depending on the kernel used.

SetCPU even provides a profile that allows you to adjust the CPU when running a particular application.

Xposed Installer

Android root


The last application that you have to install on your smartphone after being uninstalled is the Sposed Installer.

This application allows you to modify the Android system to be even cooler.

Through this application, you can also install or install a framework that you can later use for various types of modules.

This module itself is an application that you can use to cost your android.

There are many types of modules that can be used for Xposed, such as Gravitybox, Tinted Statusbar, and many others.

All you have to remember is that when installing this application, you also have to adjust to the Android version that you are using.

The Android root is the right way or solution if you want to improve the performance of your Android operating system.

Not only performance, but rooting will also increase the storage capacity of your device.

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The Final Word:

That’s why many Android users are willing to boot their smartphones. Especially if after being rooted, you can enjoy the application after root Android which is super cool as described above.

These applications will not be installed if your smartphone is still in its original state without root. So you are interested in getting the applications above? First root your android.

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