10 mistakes you should avoid with Facebook advertising


For many companies, working on Facebook advertising has become part of the habit and today gives the company a wealth of benefits to reach out to their target audience. Despite the great potential, the wide range of ad settings can be difficult to navigate through. In this article, we present 10 mistakes that you should avoid in working with Facebook advertising.

10 mistakes you should avoid with Facebook advertising

Error number 1: You have not set goals for your advertising

If you do not set clear goals for what your Facebook advertising should be able to do, you grope in the blind. For example, if your goal is to create knowledge of your brand, then it may be a good idea to measure the number of new followers for your website. Conversely, your goal is to create more conversions, so you might rather measure the click rate on your ads than how many new followers you have received. Another, but an important, reason why you should choose the right goal for your ad is that Facebook will help make your ad visible to your goal.

Whatever your goals are, it is important that they are specific and that you regularly follow up on your results to ensure that your advertising money is spent wisely.

Error number 2: You are using the wrong ad format

If you use the wrong ad format, it is probably due to one of two reasons. The first reason is that you are new to Facebook advertising and therefore do not know how to choose the right ad format for your specific campaign. For example, it may be if your ad is designed as a picture with associated text or a video. The other reason is that you’ve been running your ads for a while, but have regularly forgotten to check if you’re still using the right formats.

Facebook continually rolls out new ad formats, so it’s important that you thoroughly examine your platform’s advertising capabilities, and choose the one you think best fits your audience and goals you set for your ad. You can eg Use the Facebook Ads guide  to get recommendations on how your ads look best, wherever they appear.

Also, remember to regularly follow up on the development of your ads.

Error number 3: You use only one ad set

A Facebook ad campaign is based on ad sets, ie. groups of individual ads. It can, therefore, seem wise and easy to keep all your individual ads together in one single set – but beware. It is true that Facebook will most likely only give high reach to one of your individual ads. You will, therefore, need to keep your ads separate so you ensure that all your ads reach your audience.

Error number 4: You target too wide

If you experience a low level of engagement on your ads, it may be because your ads are being sent to an audience, much of which does not care about the message of the ad. The reason for this may be because you’ve targeted your ad too broadly. In order to prevent your ads from being sent to a too wide audience, you can advantageously specify and add additional targeting criteria to your ad to ensure that your ads are more accurate.

Error number 5: You are too vague in your descriptions

If you are not able to draw the attention of your audience and persuade them to take action, you will not succeed with your ad. To make sure you get to the point, it is important to create a clear Call-to-Action. Forget about making long explanations for the features, benefits, and results of your products or services, and focus instead on creating awareness and intrigue for people to click through your ad. Generally speaking, it is usually a good idea to keep things simple and straightforward.

Error number 6: You use too much text on your pictures

Perhaps you know the problem of creating a super nice image with very appealing text for your ad campaign – only to get it rejected by Facebook’s guidelines and ad creation specifications. According to this, text-heavy images will be rejected. Therefore, you should try to keep your text to a minimum on your ad slides so you avoid spending any amount of time making pictures just to redo it.

Error number 7: You use images that are not optimized for Facebook

One of the central errors in working with Facebook advertising is not to customize your photos to Facebook. Failure to optimize your image for Facebook may result in your ad appearing strange to your users, which may result in a low level of engagement and a lack of incentive to click on your ad. You can take a closer look at the list of ideal picture sizes for Facebook here.

Error number 8: You use images that are not eye-catching

Now that we are talking about pictures, it is not enough just to consider the size of your image, but also its ability to attract attention. You should, therefore, make sure that your images appear conspicuous, as these are usually the images that can help ensure a high click rate on your ad. It will be suggested on the Wishponds blog, that ads in a red or green color appear conspicuous, as these colors are in sharp contrast to Facebook’s white and blue colors.

Error number 9: You are not testing your ads

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you test again and again on your ads. It is important that you test the images you use in your ads, your specific Call-to-Actions, your ad headlines, and I could continue. By constantly testing your ads, you can make sure that you are always up to date and know what works and what doesn’t. In short, there should never be a time when you run a Facebook ad campaign without first testing.

Error number 10: You satisfy your audience

In working with Facebook advertising, it is important that you remember that it is possible to saturate your audience with too many ads.

Of course, it can be difficult to determine when and if you hit the saturation threshold, but a good warning sign is a declining commitment that doesn’t change when you narrow your targeting criteria. If you suspect your users are saturated, pause your ad campaigns and come back again when you have something more valuable to offer them.

Do you know any other mistakes you should avoid when working with Facebook advertising?

We are happy to hear your best tips and advice in the comments section below.


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